Introduction: Simple Vintage Picture Jars!

I  made a simple picture jar that ages your black and white photo with oil giving it a cool vintage look. This looks great on a shelf as a nifty substitute for a picture frame. Great way to capture your memories in a different style! Super simple and cheap to make, costing around three dollars.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are super cheap and easy to get.
mason jar (with lids)
black and white photo (vertical or if you have a smaller jar, horizontal)
super glue
canola, olive, or vegetable oil (I used canola, it was on hand)
dried herbs or flowers (i used flower petals)

Step 2: Glue in Your Picture.

The first step is to glue your picture into the jar. just slid in your picture, allowing it to wrap around the edge of the jar. Your picture can either wrap around the back or front edge, depending on if you want your flowers/herbs in front of or behind the picture. Mine wraps around the front so the petals are mostly behind in the end.

Step 3: Pour in the Oil.

Pour the oil just so that it goes to the top of your picture. It will take quite a bit of oil depending on the size of your jar.

Step 4: Add Flower Petals.

Put in your dried flower petals and push them down with a wooden skewer or something similar. put as many in as you like. some may float in front of your picture but its fine. The flower petals, when you shake the jar, have a cool vintage lavaq lamp effect to them. It looks amazing.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

Screw on the cap and your all done! This is a super simple project! Put this jar up on your shelf as a cool alternative to a picture frame. You could even make multiple ones and stack them in a pyramid or make a cool holder for them,. You could also try making a lighted base and have your oil glow with the picture! Thanks so much for looking at my instructable and please leave a comment below, I really appreciate your feedback. Don't forget to vote for me in the Vintage contest here on Instructables. Thanks again for looking. Try this out in your home!

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