Introduction: Simplest Automatic ON OFF Room Emergency Led Light

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In this instructable i will teach you how to make a Rechargeable automatic ON OFF room emergency light for light outage situations.

There is a sensor that can be turned ON & OFF with a switch.If there is an electricity outage , the sensor automatically senses the darkness and turns on the 84 LEDs giving you enough illumination to do necessary work in the absence of electricity.

Circuit Diagram and Other Important details have been provided in the video so don't forget to check it out.

Features :

- Portable

- Rechargeable

- Highly Sensitive ( includes dual IR receivers )

- Simple to make at home

- Works on 12 V

- Fast Charging

- Just 1 second auto turn ON delay


Step 1: Requirements :

- 1 Led Panel 12v

- 1 12v relay 5 pin

- 1 npn 8050

- 1 npn 13009 or npn 1351

- 2 IR receivers

- 1 12V Battery


Step 2: Connections :

Connect 2 IR Receivers in parallel and then connect them to npn 8050 base and collector terminals.Now connect collector and emitter of the 8050 npn transistor to base and collector of npn 13009 transistor.

Now connect the transistor to the relay and battery exactly as show above 'in the pictures.After that being done, connect the battery in series with LED panel, switch and the relay.

Now simply turn ON the switch and your sensor gets activated.

Note that the use of double receivers makes it highly sensitive to minimum light so its best for home use.


Step 3: Testing :

Simply Turn OFF your room light and it should start glowing brightly.Now turn on the light and it will go to its OFF State.

To recharge it, simply connect a 12v adapter to the +ve and -ve terminals of its battery ( positive to positive and negative to negative )

Although guys, i would recommend you to check out the video for better understanding if you are actually planning on making it.

Thanks !

Mr Electron

Video :