Simplicity - a K'nex Ball Machine Almost Anyone Can Build!

Introduction: Simplicity - a K'nex Ball Machine Almost Anyone Can Build!

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Hi Everyone,

Today I will show you how to build a Simple K’nex Ball Machine, that anyone can build, hence why it is called ‘Simplicity’. I made this ball machine in no longer than 10 minutes (planning and building). I published this instuctable to help starters for starting ball machines, so they can see how a simple one works by building this! There's no better way to introduce ball machines than showing the classic chain lift!

Note – if you need guidance or help from building this, write in the comment section below and I will do my best to help you.

So, without further ado, I give you Simplicity!

Step 1: Piece List

Ok, lets begin by gathering the pieces, can't do anything without those....


Red – 1

Yellow – 8

Blue – 32

White – 10

Green – 10


White – 7

Yellow – 4

Purple 3D – 25

Blue 3D – 3

Grey – 4

Orange – 6

Light grey – 2


Grey 2 Speed motor or motor with red battery pack or hand crank (Shown in the picture)

Blue Spacer – 1

Chain links – 13

Red Cog – 4

Ball Half – 4 (2 complete balls) as seen in the picture

If you choose the hand crank, you will need an additional blue rod as well as another orange connector. Right, got those? Then let’s get cracking!

Step 2: The First Side

In this step, we will be building the first side. Should not really be to hard, just pay attention


1) What you will be building
2) Start by making this - simple
3) Attach the yellow and white connector to it as shown
4) Clip in the yellow rod
5) Make this
6) Attach it to the other bit you built
7) Attach the purple clip as shown
8) Add the yellow rod
9) Now make this
10) Attach it to the previous bit
11) Make this
12) Attach it to the other bit
13) Now make these
14) Attach it to the main bit
15) Make this
16) Attach it to the side to complete it
17) What you should have

One step down, another 9 more to go....

Step 3: The Second Side

Right, now moving on to the second side. Again, this is pretty simple but be sure to follow the notes below.

1) Start by making this
2) Then make this
3) Attach them together in the picture as shown.
4) Make this
5) Then attach it as shown

6) This is what you should have by now from step 1 and 1 (both sides)

7) The first side you made

8) What you should have now

Sides completed, let’s move on to the gears!

Step 4: The Gears

Now we are on to the gears, the hardest part in my opinion of this instructable so lets crack on...


1)Make this

2)Another view

3)Another view

4)And another view

5)Now make this (note – the tan clip might be hard to clip in so you can use grey clips instead as it is easier if you wish)

6)Another view

7)Another view

8)Get this side you made earlier on

9)Get this axle that you made earlier

10)Attach them as shown

11)Another view

12)Get the other side

13)Put the red rod through the other side

14)Another view

15)Attach the other axle you made before to the top as shown

16)Another view

17)What you should have

Ok, now with the axles in place, its time to add the pathing! Onwards and upwards!

Step 5: The Path

In this step, you will be making the path for the ball machine, so lets begin


1)Start by making this

2)Attach it in with the other bits as shown

3)Another view – make sure the white rod is in the hole on both sides as shown in the picture

4)Another view of the bottom

5)And another view

6)Another view

7)Flip the ball machine over so you have it like this

8)Gather these 2 blue rods

9)Attach them on the bottom as shown (sorry the picture is sideways!)

Well done, we are nearly done!

Step 6: The Chain

Right, now we need chain! So get those chain links out and start building


1)What you will be making

2)Start by clipping your chain links together

3)Make these bits and pieces and clip them in as shown in the first picture

4)Make this

5)Clip this into the back of the ball machine

Only 4 more steps to go! Keep it up!

Step 7: Attaching the Chain

In this step, you will be attaching the chain, just follow the pictures and pay attention


1)Attach the chain between the 2 cogs from the top and bottom as shown

2)Another view

Nearly there! J

Step 8: Adding the Motor

Now add the motor you choose at the start or the hand crank and attach it


1)Get your motor

2)Other motor

3)Hand crank

4)Attach it as shown

5)Other motor

6)Another view of the other motor (Slide the red battery pack onto the yellow rod as shown)

7)Or add the hand crank by clipping it to the red rod

Well that was very easy, lets hope the last two steps are similar!

Step 9: Adding the Balls

Just add the balls as shown in the picture onto the path!

Step 10: Your Done!

And your finished, flick the switch on the motor and you should be good to go! please comment and subscribe and post a picture of your simplicity ball machine if you build it, so I can add it to this step! Thanks again!

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