Introduction: Single Cross Loom Bracelet

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Hello this is a very easy band and very very fun

Step 1: What We Need

We need all above

Step 2: Getting Started

So first we have to make crosses like pic 1 pick one of any color it's your choice make it till the end of the loom

Step 3: Looping

Turn your loom around so the arrow is pointing to you take your hook and hook the bands loop it till the end

Step 4: How Will It Look

It will look like pic one and your almost ready

Step 5: Taking It Off

How to take it off is take out the half of the band then make an simple band and attach it to the the band like the pics

Step 6: How Will It Look and Thank You

It will look like this and thank you and PLS vote for me in crafting 101 thanks

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