Single Din Car Radio Box/Enclosure



Introduction: Single Din Car Radio Box/Enclosure

In this guide, I will teach you how to make simple car radio box/enclosure for usage in a theater setup. This process will be simple and easy, and may take you about half-full hour. Also, I will show you some things you can do for it.

Step 1: Part/Tools

For the box, you will need:

Single din radio(including short/flat screws and mounting cage)

2.5" Portfolio

+ Screw driver

Optional for usage:

12V Power supply

Easy connection method for power and speakers


Metal clip

Harness(Comes with Radio)

Speakers(at least 4)

Card board

Electrical Tape

Step 2: Step 1: Preparing the Enclosure

You will need your flat screws, portfolio, and radio mounting cage and figure out where it is going to be placed.

Place the cage as close to the edge of either end if the portfolio. Close the portfolio to see if it fits, then mark holes with the largest holes of the cage. Then push the screw driver to make a hole, do not push though. Then place your cage back on the holes and screw in your screws.

Step 3: Wiring Your Harness

Your harness is the aperture to speakers, power, and more. The black is usually black, red for memory, and yellow to power on. To find your wiring, you can usually find this by searching (brand) (model) harness wiring. In these pictures, you can tell that I used a sata connector, a sata drive accessor, and a wire grip tip for speakers, these items are not necessary for this connection, you may other types of connectors, or you may hard wire them. I only did this to save time and tape.

Step 4: Put It Together

Place your radio into the cage, connect the harness, connect your power first, then your connect your speakers,if needed. With any excess cables and wires, to the last two binder rings for cable management and wrap it in any way you want, most of the time, when removing the cables, you might find that your cables are not or lightly tangled. Take your antenna and modify it with the clip if needed.

Step 5: Conclusion

In conclusion, the 12v power supply is temporary for testing and usage, you may find a better one such as a xbox power supply here. Simple but usable, and may need setup and require re visioning.

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and tip! Great job!