Introduction: Single Serving Sun Tea in a Ball Jar.

1) Quart Ball Jar
2) Tea bag ( I used luzianne needs to be the 2cup size bag or equivalent)
3) 1/3 of a cup of sugar
4) Water
5) Sun or a comparable heat source (DO NOT USE ON STOVE OR IN OVEN)

This is to make a quart of Sun tea, perfect for one or two people.

Step 1: Mix

Sun tea is a simple and green way of making tea, it also has the side affect of being easy on your wallet.

Step one.
    Wash your jar.

Step two.
   Measure and add sugar.
   Drop in tea bag.
   Add the water till about an inch from the top. (leaves room for ice cubes)

Step Three
    Give jar a gentle shake.

Step 2: Heat

Take the jar out side and place in sunny place upside down.

Step 3: Ice

When jar is darkened to the point where you like it take it in side.
Remove the used teabag.
Throw in a small handful of ice.
Put the lid on and Shake.

Your done as soon as all the sugar is dissolved and your drink is cold.

Remove lid and drink.

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