Sizing a Ring With Sugru

Introduction: Sizing a Ring With Sugru

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If you are like my wife, the winter time cold can make your fingers shrink slightly. I was worried about her losing her wedding ring so I came up with a temporary sizing solution.

Step 1: SUGRU

I ordered my SUGRU from Amazon's website. This is the first time I'd ever used it and I was pleasantly surprised. I followed the instructions on the package and kneaded it into a ball. I then pinched off a small amount and rolled it over the bottom of the ring.

It's kind of trial and error to determine the exact right amount. Keep in mind with SUGRU you can always cut off the excess with a razor blade after it cures. Allow it to cure overnight and you now have a nicely sized ring.

Step 2: Extra SUGRU

Because I needed so little to size the ring and it has a short working life, I used the remainder to repair a damaged cord on my Skil Saw. The cord cover was frayed, not the wires. This is a fairly normal use for SUGRU.

As usual, thanks for reading my Instructable!

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