Introduction: Skate Board Shelf 2ft Version

About: I started out on solidworks in 7th grade for a semester. not in 10th grade im learning how to use Fusion 360 and further my career in Mechanical Engineering.

This is a skateboard shelf that is 2ft long. it should hold one standard skateboard with ease. This project is easy for beginners and can be designed in less than one hour. These are the basic dimensions below that you can reference later in the project.

Slot for skateboard, 300mm long. 12.7mm wide.

Main shelf bottom shelf and backboard(same dimension for each)

609.60mm long. 152.40mm wide

This is my first instructible so please enjoy!


1 Large 3d printer capable of printing something more then 2ft

1 computer that can run Fusion 360

(Optional ) 1 mouse.

1 calculator

1 tab open in google with a inches to millimeter conversion.

Step 1: Starting Off the Project(step 1)

This is the first screen you should see when you open the Fusion 360 application. in the top left corner, there is a save icon. Click on it and name your project. then hit save. now you're ready to start the project.

Step 2: The Base and Top of the Project

This is the easiest part in my opinion.

In the top left bar, there should be a sketch button (look at the picture of the first step) and click it. It should open a new screen in the app that is three squares. I want you to click on the bottom one. This is the bottom plane where you will sketch the bottom of the shelf.

In the top left click the line button (look on the picture for reference) and make a rough sketch for the base of the shelf using the picture as a guide.

Then comes the fun part. Use the dimension tool that is in the app. You can also activate it by pressing "d". Then add the measurements according to the picture above.

Once all is done then hit finish sketch

Step 3: The Back to the Shelf

First you create a new sketch using the backplane.

next you use the line tool to create a line goin straight up as shown m above.

the next step is to us the dimensions tion tool to make the line you just created 152.40mm. that is as high as this needs to be.

then use the top dot as a guide to create a rough sketch of the back plate using the line tool. the back should be in a rectangle.

once you are finished it should be a yellow box.

then use the dimensions tool and the pictures above to measure out the backplate

Step 4: Top of the Shelf.

you know that line you created in the last step. you need to create one more line using sketch.

next, click on the line and also click on the construct button. and create a plane at an angle. then hit enter.

on a mouse, right-click the new plan that you just created. you can also use two fingers to click on the plane also works. then hit create a sketch and trace the bottom of the shelf.

you may need to zoom in a lot to get them to connect correctly.

then use the same measurements from the bottom shelf for the top shelf.

that is all you need.

Step 5: Finishing Your Project

this is the final step in your project.

this is also the easiest. first, find the extrude button in the pictures above.

I have marked it for you in the pictures above. all you have to do is click on the sides and extrude them by the measurements below

the top and bottom shelf {12.7}

backplate {-12.7} the last photo is

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