Skate Park for Your Toy Skateboards

Introduction: Skate Park for Your Toy Skateboards

Make your very own toy skate park with quarter and half pipe and plenty of places to grind. 

You will need
A good strong cardboard tray, normally used for fruit or veg. Ours came from a major supermarket.
Scrap boxes and card.
Two similarly sized boxes are useful for the half pipe.
Parcel paper for a smooth finish.
Tape and glue.
Paint to decorate.

Step 1: Build the Half Pipe.

Put two boxes in the back corners of your tray and get a large diameter circle for the curve of your half pipe -see picture. We used a laundry basket.
Make two or three curved pieces per side to go under your half pipe these will form the curve. Once you have one you can use it as a template for the others, Trim them back so that the lowest point of your half pipe will be level with the base of your tray.
For the riding surface use a good strong piece of card. it will crease as you push it into the curve, but it doesn't matter too much as we will fix the lumps and bumps later. 
Trim everything back and tape down.

Step 2: Build the Quarter Pipe

It's unlikely you will have a box to fit here exactly, but you can fill the gap a different way. Cut a think piece of card to the correct size of the gap between your half pipe and the front wall of your tray. Roll it and squash into a rectangular box shape. Tape down.
You don't need formers for the small ramp, I used a cardboard tube from the centre of a bubble wrap roll, but kitchen roll would do too. Tape it in place your quarter pipe is formed!
You can also cut the front of your box to give a sloping 'railing' to grind on.

Step 3: Make It Smooth

Using parcel wrapping paper and PVA glue cover all the riding surfaces. This will make it strong and cover any creases or bumps. Tape the edges with masking tape. A couple of layers and the half pipe will work well.

Step 4: Paint

A good strong mix of PVA glue and poster paint will help stick down any loose edges and give your model a tough finish. It occurred to us that the brown parcel paper looked a lot like wood, but we wanted to paint ours for fun.

Step 5: Play!

Let the paint dry then start practising your tricks. A second coat of paint would be good, but we couldn't wait.

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