Skateboard Lamp

Introduction: Skateboard Lamp

I had an old skateboard lying around and decided to give it a use again! :) :) I hope you guys enjoy my creation

Step 1: What You Need !

You will need : Old/ new skateboard Light fitting Light bulb Wire Switch Plug Nails Hammer Wood Piece of aluminum Aluminum foil tape Staple gun Staples

Step 2: Starting

Cut some wood to size so that once it is nailed to the board it will create a gap between the board and the wall that's big enough for the light fitting Nail them to the board ( might have to remove the wheels)

Step 3: Attaching Light Fixture

Take a 10 cm x 16 cm piece of thin aluminum and bend the edges so no one gets cut it they hold the lamp( when moving it) Use a staple gun to attach it to the board

Step 4:

Screw on the light fixture on top of the aluminum Attach the wires (of desired length) to the fixture Attach switch and plug ( do not plug in! )

Step 5:

Put aluminum foil tape around the sheet of aluminum , this will help reflect light I used a piece of wire at the top of the board that I nailed down so I could hang it on my wall

Step 6: Finishing Touch

Put in your light bulb Hang it up and plug that baby in! I hope I inspired you guys to create a skateboard lamp! =D I'm always open to questions guys so feel free to ask

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