Introduction: Skeletal Wings

Step 1: Design

First you draw a wing shape, like do you want it to have some skin on it, chain, or anything you want

Step 2: Wire Frame

Make a frame out of metal wire and tweek the design, like maybe make a peice bigger or smaller or have it closer to you

Step 3: Bone

You can make it out of anything you have, cardboard,foam, anything, i did cardboard
How to make the bone you get the cardboard amd roll it up like your making a tube around the wire and hot glue it together and ajust if needed

Step 4: Decoration

You can do this before or after you paint, this is where you put anything you want on

Step 5: Paint

I used spray paint, i messed around with white and black and got a cool burnt look bilut using a darker white is better but you can do really any color cause its your design so do whatever color

Step 6: Mounting

This is the hardest part, well depends on how you make your wings or what you have to mount it