Introduction: The Inner Side of Us, PAPER SKELETON!

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While it is 1 hour left to enter the contest, I am typing for my entry!

It is for the paper contest my earlier idea did not work properly. So yesterday night thought about this skeleton and started to execute.


Long/lengthy white sheets(due to lockdown I could not go to buy supplies. So managed with old calendar sheets in white)
Grey and black color crayons
Pencil, eraser
Stainless steel blade(need not use scissor for cutting)

Step 1: Making of the Parts!

I drew the sketch of the human body on to the sheets of paper (plain backside of the paper).

Step 2: Cut Them Into Shapes.

And cut them into the shapes accordingly, with blade. For the backside of the body (ribs and spinal cord), I used the stencils of the front side and made it aligned to it. Or else, it may not be in sync.

Step 3: Hands, Legs, Fingers!

I folded the paper strips and glued them, to make it look like bones of hands and legs. For the fingers, I rolled the paper strips alongside the refill of the pen for thin shapes.

Step 4: Miscellaneous

For the skull to look bit bolder, I inserted another sheet cut to the shape of the skull. Shaded with crayons, wherever required for the eyes, nose holes, teeth parts, cheeks.

I cut eyes, nose, cheeks/teeth partially to push it inside from the front page. So that those parts of the faces, looks carved inward like a skeleton's skull.

Step 5: Assemble the Parts

For legs and hands (with fingers), I used white thread to tie it together all along the holes.

Step 6: Snap of the Partial and Full Assembly!

Step 7: Handshake With the Skeleton!

No social distancing required! The paper were already disinfected well before I started with the making :D

Look at the terrific background, where the buddy stand for the pose...Hope my skeleton is also terrifying..:)

Step 8: Dood, With a Eye Gear. What'a Pose..:D

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