Introduction: Skirt Bicycle Hack

Every person who ever attempted to cycle in a wide skirt on a windy day will probably have had this problem. I know I have. My skirts will not stay down, even though I order them to do so in my sternest voice. Thankfully my husband showed me the website . They showed a nifty little trick that keeps my skirt down. They are a charity, so if this hack helps you, feel free to support them. I am not affiliated with them, but I am thankful for their idea. Until now, I had always made my big skirts like pencil skirts by binding the sides together. However, the dress that I am wearing today is not that wide or long.

Step 1: Materials Needed

All you need for this hack are some kind of round shaped object and an elastic band. Since I was on my way back from church I used my hair band and a church coin.

Step 2: This Is How You Do It

All you need to do now is put the coin behind you, so you can put both the back and the front of the skirt over your coin-shaped object and tie it with your elastic band. A piece of string would work also, but you would have to put a knot or a loop in it.

Step 3: Happy Cycling!

Now you can get on your bike and get moving, even through stormy weather, without showing more than you want to!