Skull Model (Headphones Holder) in SelfCAD

Introduction: Skull Model (Headphones Holder) in SelfCAD

In this tutorial we will make a holder for headphones in the form of Skull.

Step 1: Create New SelfCAD Project

To create new SelfCAD project, you need to launch SelfCAD editor and press "Create new 3D Project".

IMPORTANT is that SelfCAD's 1 unit is equal to 1 millimeter.

Now you should fill up the grid. We don't need a very big space, so we leave standart values.

Click Create button.

Step 2: Create a Sphere

To create a sphere, you should click on "3D Shapes" and then click once on "Sphere".

Now we should change the value of "Arc". Change the value to 180 and we will get half of the sphere. We did this to then make a skull symmetrical.

We also change the value of Horizontal and Vertical segments. Set Horizontal segments - 20 and Vertical segments - 12.

Step 3: Change the Size of the Sphere

To change the size of the sphere, you should click on "Scale" and then set X - 160 Y - 180 Z - 80. This is the perfect size for headphones holder.

Step 4: Jaw Extrusion

To extrude a jaw, we should select instrument "Face" and select 2 faces. Then you select "Move" and extract a jaw. We also do this with 2 faces, which are above.

To make it more round, we select "Edge" and move, until it becomes rounder.

Step 5: Make the Shape of the Jaw

To make the shape of the jaw, we should select instrument "Vertex" and then we provide the form of the nose and other elements.

We don't have enough faces, so we use "Cube Selection".

Step 6: Create an Eye

To create an eye, we click on "3D Shapes" and drag "Cube" to the plane.

Then click on "Scale" and make the cube smaller. To make the cube more elongated, we use "Cube Selection".

Now select "Edge" and extract lateral sides.

After that put the "Eye" on his place, while using "Move" and "Rotate".

Step 7: Eye Tightness

To cover up the eye, we select "Vertex" and repeat the shape of the "Eye".

Step 8: Create a Cheek and Forehead

To make a cheek, we should select "Edge" and select the area near the eye. Then extract and adjusting (for convenience we can hide the eye).

Now make a forehead. For that we use "Cube Selection" and then via "Edge" we extract forehead.

Step 9: Create a Nose

To create a nose, we should create a cube. Then make it smaller and move to his place. Select "Face" and select faces in cube, then make it thinner and lower. Now select "Edge" and make a nose shape. At the end rotate it.

Step 10: Make a Head Shape

To make a head more realistic, we should select "Face", select the upper and lower faces and make it flattened. Then select another faces on head and make a bigger shape.

Step 11: Eye and Nose Cutting

To cut eye and nose, we select eye and head, click on "Stitch and Scoop" and select "Difference". Then select eye and confirm.

Do the same with nose.

Step 12: Creating Second Part of Skull

To create a second part, we should select half of skull and click on "Utilities" and then click on "Mirror".

Now click on "Rotate" and set Y - 90, again select "Mirror", then "Rotate" and set Y - (-90).

After that click on "Move" and set Z - 79,8. Now we have 2 parts.

To connect them, we select 2 parts, click "Utilities" and "Merge Objects".

Finally the skull is ready.

Hope you enjoy!

Step 13:

Step 14:

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    This is very nice!
    Perfectly designed


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    Thank you for sharing : )