Skull Werewolf/wolf Resin Blank Mask

Introduction: Skull Werewolf/wolf Resin Blank Mask

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I made my werewolf skull
resin blank step by step. Using this tutorial you can of course make any skull blank, for example fox, cat etc- It’s your choice what design will you choose.

I'm not a professional, but this method worked for me.

In most tutorials on how to make resin/ silicone parts I saw that people are using Smooth- On materials. Of course, they are good quality etc, BUT they are expensive (especially if you don’t live in US, just like me),and you have to wear respirator, because of dangerous fumes. I’m using materials that I could afford and find on the internet. Resin is almost the same as Smooth Cast- it have only different colour (already bone colour, not white), and it stinks a bit, but I don’t have to wear mask

I’m using Crystumes method with mold- again, not Rebound 25, but normal silicone and silicone caulk.

I’ll try to explain everything the best way I can.


-manequin head (I used a plastic one from internet and placed a plaster bandage cast of my face on it)

-resin (I used RenCast FC55 polyurethane resin)

-liquid silicone (mine was Sidosil BK101) and silicone caulk (from nearby store)

-clay (I’m using plasticine)

-modeling clay (here I have to recommend a bit more pricey FIMO rather than casual modeling clay; it’s way more durable, I used it on upper jaw teeth and none of them broke; on the bottom jaw I had to use casual modeling clay, because I ran out of FIMO, and I had to remake big fangs like 5 times, because they broke while placing them in plasticine!)

-some acrylic paints

-some tools for sculpting (it can be even very sharp crayon)

-plaster bandages

-hinges (I used metal to make them)

-epoxy glue (mine was TECHNICQLL Epoxy Glue Universal)

-elastics or springs


-nitril gloves

-heat gun or strong hairdryer

-exacto knife or scalpel


First you have to make a nice, thick clay base before making the head sculpt. It’ll make the mask bigger and it will fit the head better.

Step 2: Start Sculpting

Don’t forget to mark where the eyes are.
I can’t explain a lot how to sculpt, just add more and more clay and make it shape you want. You can use my photos as a reference, but don’t steal my skull design. Please. If you’re interested in my design of skull ==> CONTACT

Make sure both sides are quite simmetrical.

You can use eyes or cabochons to make sure the eye holes are big enough.

It’s better to add details (eg nose hole or the bulk on the forehead) after making the base

Step 3: Add Creases, Sutures, Holes

I used both human and wolf skull as a reference.

Step 4: Make and Add the Teeth

Make a hole in the clay and place the tooth in it. Make sure it sits securely!

Step 5: Start Making the Mold

Mix your silicone with some acrylic paint, and add different color to each portion- it will make different layers visible.
Add the most to the teeth, especially fangs- it’s very important! Silicone must be the strongest between the teeth!

Pop any wisible bubbles if they show up.

The silicone shouldn’t flow so much if you use small portions of it.

You can add next portion when the previous one stops flowing and hardens a little, it can be tacky, but also you can add another one even week later, later doesn’t mean worse xdd

You should do about 2-3 layers on whole skull, and addictional 1-2 on the teeth

Step 6: Add Silicone Caulk

The best way to do it is to wear nitril gloves and add portions of silicone with your finger.
Press it to the sculpt to make sure there is no air under,

2 thick layers should be ok.

Step 7: Make Mother Mold

Use plaster bandages to make hard, two- pieces shell around the silicone mold.
Using a stripe of clay make a dam; after the one half is done, remove it and cover first half’s dam with vaseline- it will prevent the two halves from sticking to each other.

WARNING! Add some clay between the teeth, otherwise the two halves will be impossible to remove without destroying them!

look at the photos if you didn’t understand what i mean xd

the gray thing on my mold is glue for plaster boards (yupp, I ran out
of bandages and I could make only one layer for each half and then I covered them with the glue xd)

It’s goddamn strong btw

Step 8: Remove All the Molds

I recommend washing the silicone with water- I bet there are lots of plasticine particles, or other unnecessary stuff

Step 9: Cast Your Blank

Slush casting of a detailed skull is different from casting a regular blank.
You don’t want to spread the resin at all the surface of mold, you have to use small amounts of resin.

First you have to cast the teeth. Pour the resin into front part of mask. Spread it in and out the fangs a couple of times to make sure there are no bubbles in their tops. Wait till it hardens.

Then you have to pour the resin to other teeth. Start with one side, and then make the other one.

When all teeth are casted, you can cast the rest like a regular blank.

OPTIONAL: you can add stripes of fiberglass to the mask to make it even stronger. Place them on a “fresh” resin, and when it dries pour another layer above it.

I don’t know how many layers did I do, but I think I did four of them.

You can make the last layer black- the blank looks a lot nicer then.

When you finish casting, gently pull blank out of the mold.

Step 10: Cut Out the Eyeholes and Sand Sharp Edges

Smooth out the rough edges with a sanding paper.
For cutting eyeholes I used a hairdryer (my one is so goddamn strong that it easly heated up the resin lol) and exacto knife.

Heat up the resin and just cut it- when it squeaks, it’s too cold and you have to reheat it.


Well, it’s pretty much the same, I'll comment on any differences.

Before making lower jaw take upper jaw’s sculpt off

Make a clay base and start sculpting. Then, add details.

Step 12: Make and Add the Teeth

Repeat teeth making process.

Step 13: Start Making the Mold

Just like before

Step 14: Add Silicone Caulk

Continue the same process

Step 15: Make Mother Mold

Make a shell

Step 16: Remove All the Molds

Ready for casting

Step 17: Cast Your Blank

Almost done


Put together both of your jaws and make sure they’re closed right way.

To secure my mask I wrapped the snout with tape and I put clay between some teeth.

I can’t say much about the hinges- you’d have to find a tutorial on how to make the resin ones.

I made mine from tinware and rivetted them together.

Before glueing hinges to blank you probably have to bend them a little, so they will adhere to blank’s surface.

Mark place where the hinge goes with a marker.

Scratch the surface of the hinges and blank where it touches the hinges nice.

Then just glue them with strong glue. I suggest putting some buckles on them to make sure hinges and blank adhere to each other strongly.

You can also pour some resin over the hinges, attaching them to the blank even better. Put some tape on the edges of the blank so the black (or any other colour tbh) resin won't stain the front part of the blank.

Step 19: Make the Jaw Close

I used some elastic, but you can use springs.
I took a piece of elacic, glued it to one end of hinge and wrapped it a number of times around it. I glued it in some places inside, and then at the end. The same with the other hinge.

I hope my tutorial was helpful!

Let me know if there are any mistakes in it

And, of course, let me know if you used my tutorial! I’m very curious how did your work turn out! ;)

I used this blank to make myself a halloween costume, but this tutorial can be used for fursuits and cosplays, too!

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    2 years ago

    thank you for this awesome instructable! very detailed instructions. very good.