Introduction: Skylanders Pose-n-Play Box

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Does your little child love to play Skylanders? Do they take out their Skylanders, but instead of playing with the video game, plays pretend with them like they play with action figures? If so, we have the toy for you! Skylanders Pose-n-Play Box is easy to make and will keep your kid entertained for hours!


A smaller cardboard box

Duck tape (any colors)


sheet protector

printer, ink, and paper

colored construction paper or felt

two magnetic strips or velcro


Skylanders figures

(optional) Skylanders starter kit box/character box

Step 1: Cut the Shape of the Box

Take a normal, small box, and cut off the top. Use and EXACTO knife or scissors. I recommend the EXACTO knife, because it makes cleaner cuts, but I had to use scissors because no EXACTO knife was on hand.

Step 2: DUCT TAPE!!

Now it's time for us to decorate the outside of the box using DUCT TAPE. DUCT TAPE!!! I used black to cover all of the outside of the box. Make sure to go in one general direction.

Step 3: More Details

Cover up any corner bunches in the tape by adding a strip of another colored duct tape. I used green, and it came out very nicely.

Step 4: Background!

Print off a background from Google images. I searched up "Skylanders Backgrounds" choose a picture that has none of the characters in it for a real background. Use one with characters in the background for a more "public" place. I had to trim the white edges a bit because Google left out about a half centimeter of space for a border. I didn't want that.

Step 5: Paper Protector Power

Insert your paper into a sheet protector. Simple enough, right?

Step 6: Inside

Cover the inside WALLS with a duct tape of your choice. I recommend blue, for the sky, but I used red due to the fact that I had no blue. Cover up the meeting of the inside and outside with red duct tape, or the color you used. It looks great!

Step 7: Glue the Ground

Using paper, felt, or craft foam, glue the "ground" onto your box. I used paper.

Step 8: Magnetize

Use magnets or velcro to add decals (optional) to your box. The pictures explain very well. All of these are magnetized just as each were shown. This is the almost finished product.


Now, you can make more backgrounds for more scenes. Add Skylanders and use your imagination. You're done!! Thanks for looking and I hope you make one of these boxes. They work for Disney Infinity characters, amiibo, and skylanders, of course, and just about any action figure or doll! Please vote, favorite, comment, and enjoy! :D

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