Introduction: Skywards K'nex Ball Lift

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This is the first ever ball lift I made.

This ball lift is simple but effective it only take six seconds to go all the way up.

The build time is about 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

I think the hardness is about the moderate level. I made this one especially because it uses very few non-micro pieces. Here is a video in the ball lift. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! OK let's get started.

Step 1: The Lifting Arm

To make the lift you start of with building this.

Step 2: The Lifting Arm

Now build this.

Step 3: The Lifting Arm

Now connect them.

Step 4: The Starting Rails

Make these.

Step 5: The Starting Rails

Now connect them with a yellow rod.

Step 6: The Starting Rails

Make four of these now.

Step 7: The Starting Rails

Connect them on.

Step 8: Motor Help Part

Build this backwards "L" shape part.

Step 9: Motor to Wheel Connection

Put this on a grey rod in the same order as in the picture

Step 10: Chain Connecting

Connect ten chain links nine times and then connect five chains.

Step 11: Chain Connecting

Connect them all then repeat what you did just now.

Step 12: The Base

To make the base start of with building this.

Step 13: The Base

Now build four of these.

Step 14: The Base

Now connect only two of them.

Step 15: The Base

Now put two on.

Step 16: The Base

Put the other two on like this.

Step 17: The Middle Part

Make this.

Step 18: The Middle Part

Now add these pieces.

Step 19: The Middle Part

Now build this.

Step 20: The Middle Part

And put them on.

Step 21: The Middle Part

Build this separately.

Step 22: The Middle Part

Now attach it on.

Step 23: Connecting the Middle Part to the Base

Connect them like this.

Step 24: The Top Part

Make this.

Step 25: The Top Part

Now put them on.

Step 26: The Top Part

Then make these.

Step 27: The Top Part

And again put them on.

Step 28: The Top Part

Now put the motor on.

Step 29: Other Part

Now for one last bottom part. Make as shown in the pictures and put them on a red rod.

Step 30: Other Part

Now put it on the bottom part

Step 31: Other Parts

Remember to attach the backwards "L" shaped piece on like this.

Step 32: Puting the Chain on the Ball Lift

Now put the chain on as instructed in the pictures.

Step 33: Puting the Lifting Arm On

Remember to put the lifting arm on the chain like this.

Step 34: Maintaining and Turning on the Ball Lift

You always want to turn the motor on the right way if you don't there is a big chance of it falling apart. The right way is to move the switch to the downwards pointing arrow.

Step 35: Troubleshooting

If the lifting arm accidentally hooks on any pieces like this then move the lifting arm the other way as shown in the picture.

Step 36: Getting the Ball to Go Up

All you have to do is shown in the pictures. Once you did that turn the motor on the right way.