Slam a Winner Upgrade

Introduction: Slam a Winner Upgrade

Items you will need:

1 16.4ft LED Strip with controller and Power supply

1 Rayex LB2H relay from SMART part number 32175 $4.22 each

1 Solid State Relay (Standard IceBall Relay) part number E02111 $25.16

You could just use two Rayex relays, as they are cheaper.

One 24 volt power supply, or two 12 volt power supplies.


T Connects

Male Connectors

Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape


Drill with 1/2 drill bit

Tape Measure


Philips Screwdriver

Crescent Wrench

Step 1: Unplug the Game

And take it apart

6 screws 3 on each side of the game. Philips screw driver that takes the biggest part of the game off. The plastic should just slide out.

Open the front door for easier access taking the plastic off.

Back door comes out also with the ball chute

Step 2: Take the Nut Off Holding the Playfield

Most would use their fingers getting this off.

Step 3: Draw Your Lines

Use your pencil, and mark where the ball is going to be rolling on the bottom play field. You don't want your LED strip getting run over by the ball so marking it with PENCIL is probably best.

The LED is going in between the two sets of circles. So not on the edge or the very middle.

So you need only to draw two lines with you pencil. Rotate the field around so you get a good circle.

This set is important, you need to know where the ball is going to be rolling after you take the play field off. That is all you need, sorry if you couldn't understand the instructions, I was confusing myself trying to make it sound easy, which it is!

Step 4: Take the Playfield Out of the Game

Step 5: Draw a Line for Your Home Switch

The screw on the bottom of the play field, or pin. So the game knows where the wheel is, needs to be marked on the bottom. Laying LED Strip under this has a potential to grab and mess up your creation.

I can't remember how I did this, almost looks like a free handed it, which worked! Thankfully...

Step 6: Drill Some Holes

This step might be optional for you. See step 11

One 1/2" hole wasn't big enough so I slotted it slightly to get the other part of LEDs through easier.

Step 7: Lay Down Your LEDs

Well the sticky tape on the LEDs doesn't work so well for me, or curving the LEDs.

Try and put the LEDs facing the top, the white paint reflects enough to fill both holes with light.

Staple gun will be needed for this step.

Tip: Have the LEDs plugged in, on white. You can turn the brightness down to save your eyes, but the staple gun we used was just wide enough for the LEDs. If you hit the strip you will be able to tell if your shorting out some or not. Since White uses all 3 Red green and blue.

Step 8: Up the Wall

Now, I put the LEDs there in the picture to light up the whole game. You can put them more in the back but I didn't want to see the bouncing lights off the wall from the strip. Also we only have a few inches of slack.

You can't use staples on the upward part. The side is metal. Unless you can, then go for it.

Step 9: Top

Heavy duty tape and staples. You don't need staples. But they help.

You might need to take the header sign off. It its stapled. So with you staple gun you can staples it back up when your done.

Step 10: Optional Step

Ours turns off the main light, to give the LEDs more of an effect.

You basically extend one of the AC wires. That's all your doing. Two wires together run to the bottom of the game to the relays. This wire will be on the normally closed half of the relay. Once the relay turns on. The light turns off. Easy.

Step 11: End of the Roll

You've reached the end! Wow! Hopefully those pesky staples didn't damage to much! This is the spot where you LED controller can go, if you didn't want to drill those holes.

Step 12: Find the Line You Want to Tap

I first used the light bulb for the button to control the lights.

But that light turns off to soon and turns the leds back off to soon.

I hooked it in to the light above the ball chute. You can find that wire here, your wire color may vary.

These wires will go to the standard Solid state relay

Step 13: The Wires

Its all in the picture. I hope you can understand how it is. I am not the best at making electronic blueprints, or Microsoft Paint. Once that is all wired up. Give it a play!

Step 14: Put It Back Together

The fun part!

Well this game is easier than others.
Hope the tutorial was okay. Leave a comment if you have any questions or email me.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Hi, i am planning to build my own Slam a winner Arcade Machine. Do you know how the machine knows in which hole the ball falls so it can count the score?


    Reply 3 years ago

    There is a screw on the bottom of the wheel that will pass through an optical sensor to tell the game where 'home' is. After that the game knows where the holes on the play field are and when a ball falls through there is another optical sensor to act like a switch. Some games with wheels spinning can also use stepper motors to keep track, and multiple sensors below the wheel.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Actually this games does use a stepper motor to spin the wheel, I don't think it uses it to know where the wheel is at, but could be.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool mod. I would love top get to work with a bunch off arcade machines. It looks Fun.