Sledding Stuffed Animal Penguin

Introduction: Sledding Stuffed Animal Penguin

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I have been wanting to make a penguin stuffed animal for a while now and I finally thought of a way to make a design for it. Here the design and instructions are to make him. If you get confused with the writing you can look at the pics to see how to do it.

Step 1: Template and Cut Fabric

This is one of the first templates I made on my own, so it may need a few small tweaks. For example, you may want to make the nose a small bit bigger than the one in the design. For the template you can take the picture of it and print it out. Once it is printed out you can cut it out and place it on the fabric. Cut the pieces out of fabric. Now when all the pieces are cut out you may move on.

Step 2: Top of Body

Just to let you know, the body will be made inside out. Take the front and one of the sides and place them together wrong side out and then sew along one of the sides. Sew on the other side of the body onto the front. Take the back now and sew one of the edges onto one of the sides. On the last side you will need to leave a 1 inch gap in the flat side to turn the body (the bottom will be sewn on completely).

Step 3: Sew Bottom on the Penguin

The bottom will be a bit harder because you are sewing a circle on. You will have to readjust the two pieces of fabric to keep it the way it is supposed to be.

Step 4: Turn and Stuff

Turn the bird through the inch hole that you left in the side of it. When it is turned you can put some stuffing inside the penguin.

Step 5: Sew the Stuffing Hole Shut

Get some black thread out and thread your needle. When the needle is threaded, tie a not at the end. Now start sewing a running stitch along the gap. Tie it off when the gap is sewn closed.

Step 6: Start Scarf

Take the scarf piece and fold it in half. Sew along the edge that is open. Now you can turn the scarf right side out. After it is sewn right side out you can sew the ends shut.

Step 7: Sew on the Scarf

Place the scarf on the penguin and pin it down. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end. Sew the scarf on to the penguin with a running stitch on each side of the scarf. If you are about to run out of thread, you can tie it off anywhere under the scarf. Then put some more thread on the needle and keep sewing.

Step 8: Eyes

Chose the eyes or buttons that you want and thread a needle with black thread. Start to sew one of the eyes on. When you finish that eye, push the needle through to the other side. Now sew on the other eye and then tie it off.

Step 9: Arms

Take the pieces and sew them together as the pics show. Turn the wings and stuff them. Sew the wings on and once again when the first one is sewn on, put the needle through the body to the other side. Sew the other wing on now. Then tie off the thread.

Step 10: Put Feet On

Heat up a hot glue gun and glue the legs to the body. You can leave the glue gun out for the next step.

Step 11: Nose

Fold the nose piece as the pics show. When the piece is folded, you can sew the piece into shape. When that is done, pour hot glue in the opening of the nose and stick it on.

Step 12: Bonus Step: Make Fish

Take the two fish pieces and place them right side out. Start to sew the pieces together and stop 3/4 of the way through the entire thing. With the small gap left fish, put stuffing in that gap. Finish sewing the gap closed and then tie it off. Now the fish is done and you can make more.

Step 13: Make More

Make some more penguins. I made a baby penguin, a adult penguin, and a fuzzy adult penguin with fur fabric.

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