Introduction: Sleeping Solar Panel Light

Hello Everyone,

This is my school project form a class called product design. I took around 1 week to gather materials, crated it and then building it. I thought it would be something different and unique to create. I also wanted to create this product to challenge myself to the next level.

Materials and Supplies:

-Mini Motherboard


-Solar Panel

-Old Toy Battery

-Glue Gun


-Small Knife

Step 1: After Gathering Materials Use Glue Gun to Glue Everything Together

I started this project by glue gunning the batterie, the chip, and the solar panel together. After doing that I glue gunned the wires to the solar panel to create a reaction with the chip and the battery.

Step 2: Attach Chip With USB and the Battery to the Base of the Solar Panel

After completing step 1, I needed to jump to this step. This step was the hardest and the easiest at the same time. Hard if you don't know what you're doing but easy if you do. In this case, I knew half of what I was doing. I took around 1 hour to figure out where the wires go and how this is going to be able to work.

Step 3: Close the Solar Panel

Step 4: Turn on LED and See It Light Up :)

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