Introduction: Slingshot

First go outside and find a nice Y shaped branch.

Step 1: Find the Right Stick

Find a nice stick and shave off all of the bark. The two prongs on top should be the same length as your pointer finger.

Step 2: Bands

Once you are done shaving off the bark you have to decide on what kind of bands you are going to use. You could use exercise bands, long, thick, strong rubber bands, or the inner part of a tire. I used the exercise bands and I think that is what works best! Just make sure you don't make the bands to short otherwise it will be really hard to pull back and aim.

Step 3: Pouch

Next you have to make the pouch. You could use duct tape to make one or what I think is the best is cut off the strap of a old leather belt.

Step 4: The Knot

And last but not least you have to tie the bands to the pouch and to the stick. I used a knot called the constrictor knot. It works great! To do the knot you have to use floss. I will show you how to do it with the bands so it will be easier to see. Once you are done tying the knot make sure to duct tape around it so it stays in place when you shoot it.

Step 5: Finally Done

You should now be done. Let me if you thought it was good. Let me know how it went. And pleas leave a comment and follow me!