Introduction: Sly

This is a skateboard that can be decorated at will, although the decoration here looks very common. This skateboard has a non slip pad, which can show cool actions. It also has a folding function. It can be carried and put into a schoolbag.

Step 1: First: Making Wheels

In the basic shape, pull out a torus, two
cylinders and a polygon. Set the torus as 4-width-4-height-1.1, the polygon as 1.7-width-1.9-height-0.8, one cylinder as 2.2-diameter-height-2, and the other as 1.2-diameter-height-14.

Align all of the above as shown

Pull the polygon up 0.4 and the long cylinder up 0.8, as shown. The torus, polygons, and short cylinders are grouped

Copy and paste the group of components, rotate the new group down 180 ° and drag it 0.4 away from the work plane

Step 2: Second: Making Base

Pull a box, 3 cylinders and a polygon out of the basic shape. Set rectangle as length, width, height and 0.7.3 cylinder as diameter, 1 height, 0.7, 0.26 height, 1.05, 1.2 height and 2.8

respectively. Set polygon as length, 0.7 width, 0.8 height and 0.2 height respectively.

Align the smallest cylinder with the polygon and raise the polygon up by 0.1 to group it.

Align the cylinder as shown in the figure with the grouped object in the middle, and increase it by 0.3 to divide it into a group

Adjust the box and cylinder to the same height and tangent to the two sides of the box, copy and paste to place each corner, align the group with the cylinder and increase the group by 1.8, and set it as a group as a whole.

Pull out 2 cylinder boxes, set the diameter as 2.2 and the height as 0.7 respectively.

Place the cylinder box and the box at the same height, align the small cylinder to the middle of the box and move out half of the box circle, copy and paste to make the opposite sides consistent, and move the large cylinder to the middle of the box and move both sides to be tangent to the middle cylinder. Set the whole as a group.

Step 3: Third: Combine the Wheel With the Base

In the shape generator, a meta capsule is
set to be 1.7 in length, 1.4 in width and 0.4 in height.

Align the original capsule with the tire and divide into groups

Align the wheel and shaft as follows, increase the axial direction by 1.9, move it to the left by 0.8, and divide it into a group.

Align the previous polygon and small cylinder with the new group in the middle, and translate the polygon and small cylinder to the left by 0.8 and increase by 1.2, forming a group of new models.

Step 4: Fourth: Making Layout and Hinge

Drag 1 paraboloid, 2 cylinders, 1 polygon,
1 ring and 1 box. The paraboloid is 1.2 in diameter and 1.2 in height. One cylinder is 1.2 in diameter and 8 in height. The other is 0.2 in diameter and 0.6 in height. The polygon length is 0.35 in width and 0.4 in height. The ring diameter is 0.35 in height and 0.45 in height. The cuboid length is 5 in width and 2.5 in height and 0.1 in height.

Align the cylinder with the paraboloid in the middle and raise the paraboloid up by 8, rotate the copy paste down by 180 ° and lower it to 1.2 below the horizontal, and set it as a group. Divide the small cylinder and polygon into a group by aligning them up and center, place them in a corner of the box, copy and paste each corner to place one, and divide them into a group. Copy and paste the torus in place under the paraboloid. Place the ring symmetrically at both ends of the cylinder.

Drag out two cuboids, one is set as l 45 w 15 h 1, one is set as l 40 W 12 h 0.2. Drag out two domes and set one to be 15 in length, 1 in width and 10 in height. One is set as length, width, 7.5, height, 2.7, aligned and pulled up 5.5, set as a hole and divided into a group.

Align the two cuboids, and raise the small ones up by 1 to form a group. Pull out a cuboid and set it as long as 1.3, wide enough, high enough, large enough and aligned in the middle to form a group. Align the circle with the cuboid to the right and move it 4.8 to the right by 65 °.

Align the cylinder and box to the center, and place the small box on the torus. Copy and paste the circle with holes, and place it in a symmetrical position.

Step 5: Fifth: Combination and Fixation

Place a work plane on the wheel, place the
plate body on it, copy and paste the wheel, rotate 180 °, and put it in place.

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