Introduction: Small K'NEX Pistol

This is my design for a small K'NEX gun I call "Big Trouble." If this is something that you made, or similar to something you made, let me know and I will remove this or edit it to give you credit. But on a more fun/exiting note...


This bad boy is small enough to fit in your pocket, and has a true trigger! You may note that I put no tape on the ram rod. This is because I am attempting to use as little "non-knex" pieces as possible. You can tape away to your heart's content. You may also notice that there is a spot where I didn't put a small "y" connector. This is due to me trying to restrict the ram rod. If you put one of those connectors there, the gun will probably shoot better.

Step 1: Barrel

Don't worry we will stabilize that orange connector later.

Not vivid enough? Let me know in the comments!

Step 2: Trigger/handle and Ram Rod

If you don't like that purple piece, you can replace it with two blue spaces. An example will be shown in the final step.

Need more detailed instructions? Don't be afraid to let me know!

Step 3: Assembly and Rubber Banding.

In the second to last image, note there is a rod going through the white connector AND a rubber band on the trigger.

Step 4: Bang Boom Pow (the How to Guide)

To fire this deadly firearm, you have to pull the orange connector with the bands on it back until the trigger mechanism blocks it. Then you put that green piece you have left over into the barrel. Finally, you pull the trigger (duh) and majerlie rek the dae of anybody in your path.

So I don't get sued:
-don't shoot at peoples' heads
-don't shoot near stairs.
-don't eat the gun.
-don't retrieve ammunition if it is in a dangerous spot.

Step 5: Possible Modifications

Image 1:
As I mentioned before you can use some blue spacers in place of the purple connector.
Image 2:
If you want a larger handle you can remove the purple connector (or blue spacers) and put an orange connector on instead.
Image 3:
Put the bands like this to put the power back in your shower. (That is copyrighted please don't sue me)