Introduction: Smallest Solar Powered Dc Motor Water Pump

what you need

1. bottle cap

2. tubes or pen

3. dc motor (12v or 9v)


1. glue gun

2. solar panel (or battery)

3. 7809 voltage regulator IC if needed

4. soldering iron

5. cutting knife

Step 1:

we need 3 bottle caps with medium size. 2 caps of same size is necessary. Cut the bottle caps at the center so that we can insert motor shaft through it.

put another hole in the second cap to insert suction tube.

Step 2: Impeller Design

The most important part of centrifugal pump is impeller design. Cut a round part from one of the caps and create an impeller as shown in the figure using glue gun or any type of adhesive. watch the video to understand it. after creating impeller, place it inside other bottle cap in which motor is connected. place the impeller in the motor shaft and check if it is properly rotating.

Step 3: Finalizing the Motor

now close the motor pump’s housing using the third bottle cap. Make sure that you have put a hole in the third cap and connected a tube at its center.

Now put a hole in the side of impeller box(see the figure or video) and place an outlet tube on that hole.

now connect the suction tube (you can cut it from a pen- i used a pen) to a large bottle as shown in the figure. Make sure to properly connect suction tube to the bottle without any leakage so that no air get into the system

Now fill the bottle with water and it will fill the impeller box in the motor also.

Initially i tried to pump water without filling pump housing with water but it was not worked as it will not produce enough suction or low pressure at the center of impeller. so i connect the motor like in the last image, that is suction tube is connected to the bottle and fill it with water. when water level in the bottle increases it will fill the pump housing too (impeller box), so a column of water connected from the bottle to pumps housing.

Step 4: Optional ( I Used a Voltage Regulator for My Project)

I have used 7809 voltage regulator (easy to make-circuit available in internet). I have used a 12v solar panel, even though it is a 12v panel, it will produce a range of voltage from 12v to 24v depending upon the intensity of sunlight so i used a voltage regulator(you can connect the motor to battery too)

Step 5: TEST

Use a switch to control the motor. Now it is time to test the motor. If you have properly set the things above, it should work. Hope everyone makes it. Have fun. Watch the video so that you can properly understand it.