Smallest Wallet on Earth (coins+notes+cards)

Introduction: Smallest Wallet on Earth (coins+notes+cards)

Hi! we are going to make the smallest wallet on earth. After having watched endlessly a bunch on brands and models of wallets (should be able to contain coins+notes+cards), I decided to make my own, as I didn't find anything better that can also contains coins. So let's go!

(If you think coins will fall off, watch this video.)


- Scissors

- Sewing machine

- Elastic band

- Little piece of leather (could be replace by more elastic band)

- TipEx


- Cutter

Step 1: Design and Card Strip

In the first image you can see the sketches I made for the possible models I designed for the wallet.

The piece in the second photo it's the design of the strip that will be on the cards (measures are in cm). The semicircles on it must coincide with the shape of the coin (mine is euro) and the height it's a little more than your card height (which is universal, so you can use my measures). So I just cut the paper, and afterwards I cut its shape on leather. Made some retouching if needed so the coin can fit.

Step 2: Joining Card Strips

With a sewing machine, join the leather strip with an elastic strip. Make sure it can be attached to your cards. Mine is a little loose, however, the more cards I use it will get tighter.

Step 3: Big Elastic Strip

Now, the trick.

You have to cut one long strip that measures 3 times (not more, so it can be tight) the width of a card.

Now, blending in 3 equal parts, take two parts/strips and join them by sewing far and wide (that will be the container for the coins). There is one strip that is loose after the joint, should be sewed only at the shorter endings, not the wide part. Make sure you can put your cards on it.

Step 4: Coins Slot/hole

Place both strips, and mark down with a tipex the elastic band slot/hole with the shape of a semicircle so coins can enter.

Make the opening with the scissors or cutter.

If you think coins will fell off, watch this video.

Step 5: Made It!

Combine both strips and there you are! Nobody will notice you have this wallet in your trouser's pocket, no more worries about thieves and ugly wrinkles in that jeans zone :D

If you think coins will fell off, watch this video.

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