Introduction: Smartbox

This project allows you to turn your mailbox into a smart mailbox. The project we create will send you a push notification and/or email when you have mail. This project was inspired by one of Google's April Fool's day videos:

Step 1: Materials

Intel IoT Roadshow provided materials

Self supplied materials

  • Mailbox - $10
  • 5 Neodymium magnets - $1
  • USB battery to power Edison
  • Cardboard - Free!
  • Tape - Free!
  • Extra jumper wires ~$2
  • Super glue ~$1

Step 2: Assembly

  1. Assemble the mailbox per manufacturer's instructions
  2. Begin printing the module holders. 1 hall effect holder and 3 led holders
  3. Glue a magnet into each printed led holder
  4. Secure the led's and hall effect sensor into the printed holders using a small loop of tape
  5. Cut a strip of cardboard to the inside width of the mailbox
  6. Cut the strip to the length of the mail box plus one inch and fold this inch down
  7. Make 4 1" square tubes of cardboard to support the inside deck
  8. Make 3 small cardboard tubes approximately 1" long. These pipe light to the photo sensors
  9. Cut 3 holes in the cardboard deck and affix the light pipes over these holes
  10. Tape the light sensors to the end of the pipes. Cover all terminals to prevent shorting on the mailbox
  11. Run all of the wires to the back of the mailbox and add any additional jumpers as needed
  12. Connect all the led's, hall effects, and photo sensors with any additional jumpers as needed
  13. Put the Edison and battery in the back of the mailbox
  14. Place the deck and photo sensors in the bottom of the mailbox
  15. Center the led's directly above the photo sensors
  16. Align and mount the hall effect sensors, one for the door and one on the flag tip
  17. Glue magnets on the door and flag tip to trigger the hall effect sensors
  18. Start up the Edison and wait to get mail!

Step 3: Software

We will assume for this instructable you have a basic understanding of how to use and communicate with your Edison. If this is not the case, remember, Google is your friend!

Step 1: Make sure the Edison is set up, connected to Wi-Fi, and up to date.

Step 2: Install the linked files in this github repo to your home folder (/home/root)

Step 3: Run the following command: ~/SmartBox/logic.js

Step 4: Download the app (SmartBox) from Google Play and follow the in-app instructions.

Step 4: Software-Database

We are going to use mongodb to set up the database and store the data for statistical and analytical purposes.

Step 1: Make sure the Edison is set up, connected to Wi-Fi, and up to date.

Step 2: Install mangodb and mangojs using npm install

Step 3: Navigate to the directory where logic.js is located.

Step 4: Install the following packages

npm install mangodb

npm install mangojs

Step 3: Subscribe and make a free account on Mongo Database

Step 4: Change the database module settings located inside the ./modules folder by adding your account.

Now after using your SmartBox for some time, you can view statistical things such as the average time the mail is delivered.