Introduction: Smash Table With Kamisumo / Muele La Mesa Con Kamisumo

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this is a Japanese simple game, traditionally they use a box or just the table to play it, but this board is simpler and resistant than a cardboard box

you need

  • some Origami papers (one for each player, two at least)
  • a 25x25 cm MDF board , 9mm of thicknes (can be Plywood, but must be a flat board)
  • a simple metalic thumbtack (not to much thick on the head)


  • a big plate (or a compass, or anythink that help you to draw a circle 24 cm of diameter aprox.)
  • hammer (I didn't use it, but just in case)
  • pliers (with a cuting sharp)
  • a pencil and rubber
  • some markers
  • a ruler (I used a wood stick, straigth enough)


Este es un juego tradicional de niños en Japón, se utiliza muchas veces una caja, pero esta versión es un poco más dura.

Step 1: Make the Board

  1. Start with the board, put the plate over it and draw a circle... ok, is the top of the board. you need a circle drew there.
  2. flip the board and mark the center point (intersection of diagonals)
  3. mesure the pin of thumbtack on a side, mark it a mm before traspasing the board and cut it in diagonal way
  4. nail the thumbtack to the center of the bottom of the board, erase any pencil mark
  5. check the board is unstable over a table

Step 2: Fold Two Origami Sumo Warriors

this is the basic sumo warrior

Step 3: Hard Mode Sumo

this is a very hard way to make a origami sumo warrior

Step 4: Tap to Play!

simple rules

to play

  1. each player set his sumo warrior front of the other
  2. each player tap the board to make his origami warrior advance
  3. keep tapping until there is a winner

you lose if

  • touch the origami warriors
  • your origami warrior falls or goes outside of the circle
  • you break the board
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