Introduction: Smiley Lamp for Night Light

This is very easy DIY project. You can make it using very low cost material.

So Let's start the project.....!

Step 1: The Requirements

  • Requirements -
  1. Old 5 volt Charger ( Without pin )
  2. Some glue sticks
  3. Some LEDs
  4. Steel Ring ( As shown in picture )
  5. Plastic Caps * 2
  • Tools -
  1. Soldring gun
  2. Glue gun

Step 2: STEP 1

  1. Mark points on the plastic cap.
  2. Make holes on cap using soldering gun.

Step 3: STEP 2

  1. Take glue sticks.
  2. Cut in the middle.
  3. Take 1 LED.
  4. Melt end part of glue stick using soldering as shown in pictures.
  5. insert LED into the end of stick.
  6. Make quantity of it as per the holes on cap

Step 4: STEP 3

Fix all sticks on the cap using glue gun.

As shown in pictures.

Step 5: STEP 5

Connect all LEDs in parallel connection using wires.

Step 6: STEP 5

  1. Take piece of plastic.
  2. Put some hot glue on it.
  3. stick it to eye of steel roll.
  4. put it for a while to get it cold.
  5. Make similar for all remaining.

Step 7: STEP 6

Solder the charger's wire to the LEDs.

And it's ready... !



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