Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese in 2 Easy Steps

Introduction: Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese in 2 Easy Steps

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This stuff is way better than any salmon cream cheese that you'll find anywhere else. I promise. For the record, this can be made using either smoked salmon or brined salmon, aka lox or gravlax. Check out this instructable for smoking your own salmon at home

Step 1: Dice Salmon

Dice up smoked salmon into tiny pieces. Leave a few larger chunks to place on top or blend in.

Step 2: Mix Salmon and Cream Cheese

Combine and mix in a bowl using a spatula. Cut with (add in) some water or creme fraiche to add volume and make mixing easier. Blend until you're satisfied with the consistency. Place on top the chunks of salmon you set aside and chill for at least a half hour before serving. Perfect for breakfast with your leftover Easter eggs. Mazel Tov!

Step 3: Source Good Salmon

There are 2 easy steps to this dish, as promised. However, there's a third, and harder step, if you don't already have salmon. If you want to buy smoked salmon, ensure that you're getting wild. Farmed salmon is nasty stuff for lot's of reasons. Sure, there are better types of farmed salmon, but all pale in comparison to wild. Pale? Yeah, there's actually a guy that chose that flesh color like you chose your wall paint. Sustainable seafood is tough and the main reason I started in the field a while back. I'm working on a future instructable on how best to find sustainable seafood online or in person. For now, stick with wild salmon and you can't go wrong!

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