Introduction: Smokey Eye Makeup Look

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1. First what i like to do is prime my lids with concealer. This helps the eyeshadow blend and gives the colour you want.

2. Now using the BH party Girl After Hours palette I use the light beige colour and blend this all over my lid including the crease.

3. I then take a darker brown i blend this colour into the crease. I then also apply this to the lid of my eye. Please make sure you blend out the edges so that it doesn't look harsh and looks nice and smooth

4. Then with a smaller fluffy brush i take the dark brown colour and take this under the lower lash and blend this out.

5. Then i use the black from this palette and i apply this just into the crease of my eye and this take it underneath my lower lash and go back in with the large fluffy brush to blend this all in. You this want to go back and forth with the colour and blending till you are happy with the colour.

6. Then using a while eye shadow i apply this to my brow bone and then blend out with my finger so its not as harsh.

7. Then using mascara and apply your false lashes.

8. To finish of your eyes i use a black eye liner pencil i take this into my waterline.

Thank you for reading/watching.xx

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