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So this look is perfect for a date that you might have as its very simple and natural and shows of all your beautiful features. I also feel the red lip really gives it a romantic feel as to me red is like roses and resembles love.

Step 1:

So first as always you are going to want to prime your face and then apply your foundation. This is just going to help give your face the best finish as possible.

Then taking my concealer I just apply this to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead. This is just going to highlight my face and cover any dark under eyes I may have. I then take some setting powder and apply this all over my face to help this last all day.

Then with a bronzing powder I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks around my hairline, my nose and jawline. This is going to help give some dimension to your face so it doesn't look so flat. It can also help slim your face properly which is perfect for me as I have a round face,

Step 2:

Then moving onto the eyes I first take the concealer and apply this to the lids and then blend this out with my finger. This is just going to help give my eyes a base and help the colour pay off and every make the eyeshaodws stay in place. When placing a liquid you should always set it so that it doesn't move around so with a skin colored eyeshadow I just apply this to the lid of my eye.

Then with a beige colour I apply this to the crease of my eye. This is just going to help give some dimension to the yes and some natural crease shadow.

Step 3:

Then taking a black eyeshadow I just apply this to the lash line and create a wing. The reason I am using shadow is so that I can blend this out easier and it gives it the smokey effect I am after. I then go in with this beige colour and apply this above the line I just created to just add a bit warmth to the look. I then take a fluffy brush and just blend this out very gently until I am happy.

Step 4:

Then for the lower lash you are just going to want to repeat what you have just done but just on the lower lash line. So first apply the beige eyeshadow along the lash line and then the black. I also take the black into the waterline to really create a dark look. I then take the fluffy brush and blend it out.

Step 5:

Finally with the eyes you are just going to want to apply your mascara and lashes to help open up the eyes.

Step 6:

To finish of this look I apply a highlighter to the highest points of my cheeks and also on the tip of my nose. I then add a pink red semi matte lip colour to my lips and this look is complete.

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