Introduction: Smokin' BBQ Hotdog Bread

What's not to like about fresh bread complete with BBQ/tomato sauce, cheese and hotdogs? Add in the smoky flavours you only get when BBQing and you have a solid summer favourite in the making :) This bread is perfect for picnics, lunch, a side with dinner or toasted for breakfast!

This instructable walks you through making your own taste sensation with all the add ons. Happy BBQing!

Step 1: Making Dough

This is our tried and true bread dough recipe for bread makers. If you don't have a bread maker you can follow this: and learn how to make bread from scratch!


1 and 1/3 cups of water

2 tbsp. milk powder

1 tbsp. white sugar

2tbsp oil/butter (optional!)

1tsp salt

2 c white flour

2 c multigrain flour

1 and 1/4 tsp bread maker yeast


Measuring spoons Bread maker


Place the ingredients in the bread maker pan as listed (starting with the water). If your bread maker does not heat the ingredients before it starts mixing you should add warm water. You will know if it starts mixing right away that this is the case!

Follow the bread maker instructions and set the dough program going.

Sit back and wait.

Step 2: Making Hot Dog Bread


About 5 of your favorite weiner/frank/hotdog sausages

BBQ sauce

Tomato sauce




Rolling pin




Parchment Paper

While you are waiting for the dough, you can prep your other ingredients, but it doesn't take long, so I just do it as I go!

- slice three of the wieners in half along the length, and one in the middle.

- grate a bit of cheese

Once the dough is ready, tip it out of the pan onto a clean dry surface and knead it gently.

Take your rolling pin and roll the dough out into a rectangular shape.

Add tomato and BBQ sauce to taste. Spread around the dough with a knife - try not to get too close to the top end of the rectangle as it need to stick once you roll it up and sauce makes that difficult!

Sprinkle (or grate) cheese over.

Add wieners. I put the two short halves right at the bottom where I would start rolling so they would poke out and look like a hot dog. I then cut the last whole wiener to fit in between (depending on the width of your dough you may not need to cut, just stick two wieners in!). The halved wieners can then be laid out at intervals so they can be rolled up into the bread.

Starting at the bottom (with your whole wieners) roll the bread dough up over the wiener - making sure it is tight - and keep rolling until you reach the other end. Roll the dough back and forth over the seam and pinch the edged so that it sticks together and does not unroll when you cook it!

Lay parchment paper over your BBQ tray and carefully lift the dough onto the tray. Make sure the ends of your hotdogs are poking out, and grate a little extra cheese over the top.

Step 3: BBQ'ing It Up for That Smokey BBQ Flavour

Put the tray in the centre back of your BBQ.

Turn on one burner on the outside edge of the BBQ and drop the hood. Keep an eye on the temperature. I turned my one burner right down low to maintain the temperature inside at about 100-175F.

Set your timer for 20 mins.

The dough will rise a bit in this time. If you leave it rising for too long you get big air pockets inside your bread :)

Turn on the burner on the other side and adjust until the temperature is at about 375F. I had to turn on a third burner to bring it up to heat, but could maintain it with just two. Try to avoid using the burners directly under the bread as you will get a thick hard crust (or a burnt bottom)

Cook for about 25 mins

Remove from the BBQ and transfer to a cooling rack.

Step 4: Mmmmmm Hotdog Bread....

When it has cooled a bit (too hard to cut when its piping hot!) slice and devour.

For the full hotdog experience, drizzle with mustard and top with some pickles!


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