Introduction: Sneaker Speaker

In this instructable I am transforming an old pair of shoes into a speaker.

Step 1: Find an Old Pair of Shoes

I chose an old pair of tennis shoes that I didn't wear anymore.

Step 2: Acquire a Set of Speakers That You Can Disassemble

I used a Cyber Acoustics Powered Speaker System

Step 3: Disassemble the Speakers

Deconstruct the speaker by unscrewing and disconnecting any pieces

Step 4: Make Something to Hold the Speakers in the Shoes

I 3-D printed an object that is meant to hold the speaker in the shoe under the tongue of the shoe. My object looks sort of like a sled, and it holds the speaker and slides into the shoe. Do this for both shoes.

Step 5: Make Another Object to Hold the Shoes Together.

I 3-D printed an object meant to connect the two shoes together, but also hold the buttons that will control the speaker.

Step 6: Drill Holes Into the Shoes

I drilled one large hole and three smaller holes, that match up with the 3-D printed object from the previous step, into the sides of the shoes in order to connect them together.

Step 7: Connect the Shoes

Connect the 3-D printed object to both shoes by matching up the holes and screwing the objects together.

Step 8: Put the Speakers in Place

I drilled holes into the holders from step 4 and screwed them to the shoes in order to keep them in place. Then I soldered wires to the speakers. Once the wires are attached to the speaker, tie a knot and stick the excess wire through the larger hole that is in the sides of both shoes. This will allow you to be able to solder the control panel to the wires of the speakers.

Step 9: Soldering

Solder all of the correct wires together.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Almost done! Drill a hole in the back of the 3-D printed object from step 5 in order to attach the cord that plugs into the wall. Stick all of the wires into the 3-D printed object. Hot glue the faceplate from the original speaker to the control buttons and then push the whole thing into the 3-D printed object. Once everything is in place, connect the cord that plugs into the wall and hot glue that in place as well. Now, lace up the shoes and you are finished.