Introduction: Sneaky Spy Newspapers

     Isn't staring over a newspaper too obvious for a stealthy spy? Spies are supposed to blend in and use their surroundings. A suspicious enemy could easily spot someone staring at him over the pages of the Daily Tribune. And in the field, there isn't room for mistakes.
     Sneaky Spy Newspapers use strategically placed holes in the newspaper to allow the spy to peek out without others noticing. The holes are cut into what is already printed on the paper. The windows of cars, houses, and the eyes of people that were printed in the paper are cut out to allow the spy to peer through. Nobody notices the holes if they are cut in places that are supposed to be clear, like windows. By adding a small square of plastic on one side of the hole, the windows appear even more realistic.
     The next time you are in need of a gadget to spy on someone secretly, make a spy newspaper. Spy newspapers only take a few materials and supplies that are easily collected, even when on a mission. 

Step 1: Materials

     The spy newspaper only requires a few materials that can be found in almost any place from the alleyways of a city, to the luxury of a hotel. Gather a variety of newspapers or magazines, a hobby knife, scissors, clear tape, and thin, clear plastic. Plastic bags work well for the thin plastic, but any type of transparent plastic will work. If you are using newspapers, try to find some from the region you plan to be spying in. If you have an especially observant enemy on hands you don't want them becoming suspicious if you have a newspaper from halfway across the country. You are now ready to make your spy newspaper.

Step 2: Cut Out the Windows

     The first step in making your spy newspaper is to locate and cut out the "windows". Begin by searching your newspapers and magazines for pictures of houses and cars. You can also find people and animals.
     Start with one of the window pictures. Select a window that is under 1 square inch. Pick up your hobby knife and cut out the window, just inside the trim or windowsill. Remove the paper square that you just cut. Cut one or two more holes in the same fashion. Now you should have a couple square holes in the newspaper cut in the windows of houses or cars.

Step 3: Make Some Glass

     The next step in building this gadget is to make your windows more realistic by adding some plastic. Cut your thin plastic in a small square that will fit over one of your holes that you cut. A plastic bag will make two windows per cut because it has two layers of plastic.  Place the clear square on the newspaper, centering the square hole. Lastly, tape the plastic against the newspaper using the clear tape. The plastic should be taut against the newspaper so that the casual observer won't notice any wrinkles that might make them suspicious. 

Step 4: Making Eyes

     This step is on cutting out people's and animal's eyes in the newspaper. Select a picture that has a fairly large head (you want to make holes big enough to see through). Next, pick up the hobby knife and cut just inside the person's eye, cutting out the pupil and iris. You do not need too tape on clear plastic because the eyes are smaller and they are not transparent. When you are finished cutting, your victim's eyes should be cut out and a round diamond hole formed.

Step 5: Start Spying

     It is time to start spying. Sit down in a comfy place and wait for your enemy. Watch them through one of the windows you made in the newspaper by holding the newspaper in front of your face and peering through the holes. With only a few readily available supplies, you should be able to watch even the cleverest enemy without being noticed. 

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