Introduction: Snow Pi RGB With Adafruit CLUE

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This Instructable introduces the Snow Pi RGB being driven by an Adafruit CLUE. You can also drive it with a Raspberry Pi or a Micro-Bit. It was a Kickstarter item but some more are still available from:

The documentation and examples currently only cover the Raspberry Pi and micro:bit so I thought I would help by putting up an example using the CLUE and CircuitPython.

You attach the adaptor with the supplied 5 screws and nuts and then plug in the SnowPi.

Start the Mu editor and copy the following script into the editor. Save the script to the CLUE and the demo begins.

It shows the basic setup and numbers the RGB Neopixels. It includes winking eyes, a glowing nose, random colours on the belly button and rotating red and green pixels. You can obviously add additional code for more ambitious displays.

I hope you find it usefull.