Introduction: Snowflake Picture Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of our favorite holiday traditions is hanging our children's handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree. They usually make new ones at school but since they are in older grades now they do not get to do that. So we decided to go out on a whim and make our own. All supplies can be purchased at most any store, but I got our wood snowflake picture frames from Hobby Lobby . (gosh I love that store)

Step 1: Supplies Needed

~Wooden Photo Frames (Hobby Lobby)

~Paint (colors of your choice)

~Paint Brushes


~Photo of your choice once the frame is finished

Step 2: Remove the Backing From the Frame

Your wooden frame will come with a plastic cover and backing to hold your photo in place. Make sure to remove it so you do not get paint on the photo cover while painting. You will put it back on later after the paint dries.

Step 3: Painting

Begin painting your master piece. This one in my photos is the one I made and I had my kids paint their own as well. I wanted to go with a red snowflake because red is never wrong when it comes to Christmas right? I only painted one coat, but you may want to add a second coat of paint if your paint does not go on thick enough.

Step 4: Adding the Snow!

After the red paint dried I wanted it to have snow. So I turned my paintbrush around and used the end to dip in the white paint and then I dabbed it all over the red to make small white dots. And wala... You have snowflakes on your snowflake. Pretty cool huh?

Step 5: Adding You Picture

Once all your pain is dry, cut out your photo of choice and place the back of the frame back in place. Then hang it on your tree and enjoy it year after year. Visit here to see other things great for Christmas!

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