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Introduction: Snowman 'Glass' Gift

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This project was born out of a desire to help furnish some low cost door prize/christmas gifts for my local senior center's christmas party. they cost me about 5$ each to make. they came out looking much nicer than i expected.. and everyone loved them.


empty two litre bottle (trash)you want to choose a bottle that is scratch free

snowmen (dollar store)

christmas trees (2 for 1$ at dollar store)

round mirror- or a plate would work (dollar store)

candlestick (dollar store)

buffalo snow flakes (I got from walmart for a different project- a little goes a long way)

small xmas tree ornaments of choice (i used some that looked like crystals)

random star shaped doodads (had in craft box) you could cut these out of any material though.


hot glue gun

exacto knife

sand paper

serrated knife

Step 1: Cut the Top Off of the Bottle

This was easier to do with the lid on. You want to cut off the screw part, but leave the thick rim. You can slide your blade in between the cap and the rim as shown. This way the cap serves as a guide. Once you have this removed you can sand any rough edges off of it if desired.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom Off the Bottle:

I used an exacto knife for this , and used the label as a guide to get a straight line.

Now carefully remove the label and use alcohol or dishsoap to remove any glue.

Step 3: Position Your "stopper"

You can use a small christmas ball for this if you prefer. both look really cute.i placed the decoration in so the string hung down..and i used hot glue to affix my "star" to the end of the string. As i said in materials, you could simply cut this out of paper if you prefer, but whatever you use, you will need two so you can sandwich the string between them.

Step 4: Position Your Scene:

Make sure that you can fit the bottle over your decorations before you glue them onto your base. after setting your scene, run a bead of glue around the inverted bottle as shown, Dont worry about being neat, this wont show. Now pour "snow" through the top of the bottle until it has the amount you fancy. Now use another bead of glue around the outside edge and press "snow" into it all the way around. i added some vintage glitter to the top near the stopper, but that is optional.

Step 5: Attach the Base:

hot glue the candlestick to the bottom of the mirror , making sure its centered.

(i had a bear of a time getting pictures that didnt have too much glare lol)

Step 6: Shameless Pandering (as Usual)

please vote for my instructable in the contests I entered.. i would really appreciate it!

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    Reply 6 years ago


    I thought the bottle was actually glass until I read through!


    Reply 6 years ago

    it looks even better in person tbh. lol. if you use actual glass domes they cost like 30$. x.x