Introduction: Snowman Head Container Out of a Cup

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Here's a creative and crafty idea for that last minute person you need a gift for. You need simple, cheap stuff that you probably have lying around the house!

Step 1: Materials

First you need to assemble your materials.
-White cup with a lip/ledge near the top (see image)
-Black sharpie
-Orange paper
-Colored paper (other than orange)
-Thin cardboard
-Something to put inside (candy for example)
-Hot glue gun

Step 2: Make the Lid

(Images 1 and 2) Using your cup as a guide, mark a circle on the cardboard on which to cut. Remember, this should be thin cardboard or else it won't work right.
How this piece works with the cup is the cup holds the piece in sitting on the ledge near the top.

(Images 3-5) Now take your circle and shave off some of the sides until it fits in the lip, but doesn't pass the ledge. Also cut a half circle form one side to ease removing the lid.

Set it aside for future use.

Step 3: Make the Nose

(Images 1-2) Cut a triangle like shown from the orange paper. Don't worry about being straight or exact, it will be cut some later.

(Images 3-6) Roll up the triangle. Make sure you like the look of it and then trim the edges that creep off the end.

(Images 7-8) Put hot glue into the inside of the nose. I stuck a bit of paper to save glue and make it a tad sturdier. Feel free to do this as well.

Step 4: Make the Face

(Image 1) Draw on the snowman's face with the black sharpie. The nice thing about this is that nothing has to be perfect since it is made of coal. So have fun and make it look close enough. Hot glue the nose onto the face.

Step 5: The Hat

(Image 1) Now take your colored sheet and cut a circle just like you did for the lid, but this time without trimming it.

(Image 2) Cut a smaller circle that will be the top of the hat.

(Image 3-5) Cut a strip from the long side of the sheet to be the rest of the hat. Roll up the strip to a good width for your hat that matches your smaller circle and glue the flap to keep it in the same position.

(Images 6-7) Glue the rolled up piece to the smaller circle and the other side to the bigger circle. Glue the other side of the bigger circle to the top of the cup.

Step 6: Insert Candy and Put on Lid

(Images 1-2) Simple part, stick in the candy or whatever it is and put on the lid.

Step 7: Optional Step

I literally just thought of this as I made the instructable, but since I'm lazy I'm not gonna show any pictures since I did not and will not be doing it.

Add a thin ribbon going around the very bottom of the hat where the strip meets the larger circle. Right in the spot in the picture. Yep, that's all I'm gonna give you. Good luck ;)

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