Introduction: Snowman Ornaments

These snowman ornaments are a perfect craft for the holiday season. All you need is bottle caps, white paint, ribbon, a hot glue gun and sharpies. They can be hung on your Christmas tree or even on your fridge.

Step 1: Get Bottle Caps

You need three bottle caps for each ornament. Gather the amount of bottle caps you need for the amount you would like to make.

Step 2: Paint Bottle Caps

Paint the inside of the bottle caps with white, acrylic paint and let them dry

Step 3: Draw Faces on Snowmen

Use sharpies to draw eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons on your snowmen

Step 4: Cut Ribbon

Cut a ribbon for each ornament. The length should fit all three bottle caps along with room at the end to make a loop

Step 5: Glue Bottle Caps

Use a hot glue gun to attach the bottle caps to the ribbon.

Step 6: Make the Hook

Make a loop at the top and glue ribbon so it stays in the loop. Repeat for each ornament

Step 7: Make Scarfs

Cut three pieces of a different colored ribbon about the length of your pointer finger. Tie the ribbon around the 1st and second bottle cap. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the scarf together. Repeat for each step