Snowman Ornament

Introduction: Snowman Ornament

Have you ever wanted to build an ornament? Well, I did and I build a snowman! If you want to build your own ornament follow these few steps to creating a fun little ornament.

Step 1: Body

First get a 30mm by 30mm by 30mm white sphere and place it on the work plane. Second get a 30 mm square and move your work plane above the sphere. Third, get another white sphere, that is a 20mm by 20mm by 20mm and place it on top of the other sphere. Then get another sphere that is 10mm by 10mm by 10mm, and do the same thing as the other sphere. Then align all of the sphere.

Step 2: Face

Get a black 1mm by 1mm by 1mm half a circle and place it on the top circle, then duplicate it and center the halves so that they are separated apart evenly. Then get a 2mm by 2mm by 5.5mm orange cone and place it in the middle of the top sphere.

Step 3: Hat

You're almost done. Move, the work plane so that it is on top of the soon to be snowman's head. Then get a 9mm by 9mm by 15mm black cylinder and a black 10mm by 10mm by 1mm thin tube and group them. Then attach the hat to the snowman.

Step 4: String Hoop

Get a 4mm by 4mm by 2mm thin tube, rotate it 90 degrees, and then group it with the hat. Then give yourself a high five, cause you're finished. YEAH!

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