Social Media Sandwich Boards

Introduction: Social Media Sandwich Boards

These sandwich boards were created to be worn during parades.

Step 1: Gather Materials





Paint Brushes


String or Rope


Step 2: Measure and Cut Cardboard to Desired Size

Step 3: Mark Out the Area Where Your Logo Will Be Placed

All of the social media logos have a square border. Draw the square in the center of the board near the top.

Step 4: Paint the Background Colours

Choose your desired background paint colours, and paint everything but the squares you've marked out in previous step. I chose pink for Instagram, blue for Facebook, and green for Twitter. (But you can choose whatever colours you like.)

Step 5: Draw & Paint the Logos

Draw the logos in each of the squares. You can use online pictures for reference, or you can use a projector if you have one. Next paint each logo.

Step 6: Add Your Address to Each Board

Adding your address for each social media board will allow your audience to visit your pages. I printed the addresses off and taped them to the boards, but you could also paint them directly on the boards.

Step 7: Make the Boards Wearable

Make 2 small holes near the top of of each board. Attach the boards using string or rope. The rope will go over your shoulder, making the boards visible in the front and back.

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