Soda Can/cardboard Mobile Workspace

Introduction: Soda Can/cardboard Mobile Workspace

About: I am a 13-year-old maker, spending all my spare time creating. I love all forms of making, and want to learn about every tool and material that I can!

The general idea of this project is to make a mobile workspace that reuses materials like soda cans and cardboard to make a mobile workspace that forces the user(s) to be organized, due to the fact that where a lot of the materials and tools are put, there is an outline of that tool or material. I thought that this would be a great idea for maker spaces, because it reuses, and is great for mobile storage, and performs as a highly editable workspace. But before we jump in, could you kindly vote me for the classroom organization contest, that'd be amazing!


Lots and lots of soda cans

hot glue



(optional) construction paper

hair ties

pop tabs

bag handle(s)


paper-for measuring

Step 1: Step 1:Layers

-Gather a ton of soda cans-you can never have enough. Next, cut out two circles of cardboard for the base and top.

-Hot glue soda cans to one of the circles until that circle cannot contain any more soda cans.

-Add as many layers as you like.

-Note that the more layers you add, the less stable the table will be. (mine uses 2 layers but also uses toilet paper on the inside instead of soda cans, I got bored of waiting for soda cans ;). For reference, I can stand on my table, and I weigh 80 pounds .)

Step 2: Drawers

-Firstly, Relieve an individual soda can of its head. also relieve it of the other... end...

-Then, cut through the middle of the can vertically.

-Following that, tape the middle back together but shrink it so that you can hot glue it to the bottom. (see the video and images for reference.) also, hot glue the resized middle to the bottom.

Step 3: Safety First!

To ensure that no one gets hurt from the top of the soda cans, cut out a circle of cardboard the size of the top of the soda can, and then cut out another circle inside of the first one. Proceed to hot glue this to the top of the soda can. *VERY IMPORTANT* make sure that as little cardboard as possible is sticking outside of the top of the can.

Step 4: Finishing Up the Drawers

-Cut as much out of a single soda can inside of the table as possible

-Add cardboard on the sharp edges

Instant storage table thingamajig. By the way, Grammarly recognized that word. You can add as many drawers as you like, and can also add labels to the individual drawers.

Step 5: Adding Measurements to the Table

-Make a straight line with your ruler that is the length of your ruler

-Then, put what is on the ruler (inches/centimeters) onto the table

repeat, except doing inches if you did centimeters the first time, and cm if you did inches

Step 6: Making a "shed" for a Pencil Sharpener

Your pencil sharpener will most likely have different measurements than mine, so there is no template for this.

-First, make a box for your sharpener, but leave the smallest side and the top open

-The pictures will explain this better than I can, but anyway, add some additional cardboard to the big sides of the template/sharpener box. Then, cut down into that new section.

-Draw out a new piece of cardboard the size of the cut you just made in the new section. to give you the basic idea, we are making a sliding door. see images for reference

-Finally, assemble the shed, and add strips of cardboard on the top of the shed to keep the sharpener from falling out. Note: you will not see the sliding door in my pictures because mine broke, so I came up with an alternative. hot glue the shed to your table, and you are done!

Step 7: Pencil Holder

This design had in mind while creating it, so thanks!
-First, get a toilet paper roll (in my case, I cut a paper towel roll in half)

-Following that, Hot glue a circular piece of cardboard to the bottom of the toilet paper roll

-Then, cut out a piece of construction paper that you can wrap around the roll, and hot glue the construction paper to the roll

-Finally, hot glue the finished pencil holder to the table!

Step 8: Scissors Container

-Start out by outlining your scissors on some cardboard, but, using a ruler, make a box around the outline that is a small amount bigger

-Then, outline another box the same height, but thinner. repeat steps one and two (of this step)

-Cut out the outlines, and hot glue them into a box.

-Finally, hot glue the box to your table.

Step 9: Detachable Trash/extra Storage Bin

-First, get a box, some hair ties, and some pop tabs

-Hot glue the hair ties to the table as shown in the pictures.

-Cut the pop tabs so that they represent a clip.

-Hot glue the pop tabs to the box, but make sure that they align with the hair ties on the table

-use the pop tab clips to attach the box to the table.

This will become more useful after I add detachable wheels

Step 10: Tool Container

-first, cut off the top of a cardboard box.

-Then, outline all of your tools inside of the box so that, if surrounded by cardboard, it can fit

-after that, cut out cardboard and hot glue the cardboard to all the outlines so that there are barriers.

-add pop tab clips to the new container and hair ties (I ran out so I used rubber bands) to the material container.


Step 11: Cork Board/mini Bulletin Board

-First. glue some wine corks together as shown

-When you are satisfied with the size, I recommend creating a box around it so that its connection to the table will be stronger

-Hot glue it to the table.

-You can use a tic tac box to contain your needles, do not know if thumb tacks will fit in there.

-If your thumbtacks do not fit in the container, use the same method used to make the drawer-like storage compartments, just smaller. see images for reference

Step 12: Detachable Handle for Moving

-First, cut a part off of a pop tab so that you can use it as a clip. Hot glue this to the table.

-(Optinal) Hot glue two bag handles together.

-Hot glue a hair tie to the bag handle(s)

-You can now attach the bag handle to the table to move it, and detach it when not needed

Step 13: Enjoy and Vote for Me!!!

Congrats! you have just completed my soda can table/drawer! enjoy and vote for me! (the photos featured here were unfinished)

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