Introduction: Soda Can to Earring Transformation

To make good soda can earrings, you are going to need several things that are not optinial, such as a soda can, scissors to cut the can apart, a hole puncher, and hoop earrings to put the final product on so you can wear your DIY earrings! The optional but recommended supplies would be the sharpie, the inkpad, and the stamp because they can be used to make fun designs.


Essentials: soda can, hoop earrings, scissors, hole puncher.

Step 1: Cutting the Cans

When you cut your cans in to shapes, you're going to want to wear some kind of thick gloves to protect your hands from all the sharp corners you will encounter. Another good tip is to use stamps to make it easier to cut out a certain shape, you can also use stamps as marks in general and cut a shape around the stamp to form your design, which is what I did. Remeber that you can use almost every bit of the can and that it does,'t matter what kind of can you use as long as it's a soda can like coke.

Step 2: Designs

Since this instructable can almost be entirely personalized, there are many different designs you can use and the choice is up to you. I used the natural design on the first earring and a heart stamp and a blue inkpad on the second earring and those are just the design that I used. Try to stick to designs that aren't too crazy becuase it will be hard to draw that on a small piece of aluminum.

Step 3: Hole Punching

Though this step is pretty self-explainitory, it is important to remember a two key things.

1: Make sure to punch your hole near the top of the earring while still being far enough away from the edges to keep it from breaking.

2: Make sure that your hole is in the right place so that the earring won't hang akwardly and look weird when you wear it.

Step 4: Earring Attachment & Conclusion

After you have cut out your shape, colored or stamped on a design, and hole-punched in the right place, you need to slide the hole in the earring through the hoop earring and your new DIY earrings are ready to wear!

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