Introduction: Soft Carmel Corn

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I don't know about you but I love Carmel Corn... I mean I really Love Carmel corn,  not the usual Type though, I like it soft and slightly chewy. like a nice carmel chew. Yum.  I hate store bought and I'm not a fan of most recipes because they involve baking and what not and it equals a very Crunchy carmel corn.    I'm not a fan of Corn Syrup  or the large amounts of different sugars.   One recipe I saw had white sugar, brown sugar and corn syrup. My Teeth hurt just thinking about it.    
I'm also not into preservatives. And I've been attempting to slowly get rid of them out of my life. I make alot of things from scratch but as a low income family. Sometimes I can't afford to make everything. Like Vanilla extract or butter at the Moment.

Step 1: Ingredients!

Popcorn Kernels--- 10 Cups popcorn. I used buttery yellow, Crismon red and some type of blue.. just cause they were pretty. 
1 1/2 Cups Honey
1 Cup Butter- 
1/4 Tsp Cream of Tartar
 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda
1 TSP Vanilla or any flavor 
1 Cup Mixed Nuts- Unsalted- Opitional... I'm using them because I got them for christmas from a family member.

Note: Using Rootbeer extract is the most yummy kind you can use. It's strangely addictive!!!!

Step 2: Pop Your Kernels!

Don't they Look Pretty! 
Use a popper machine or a air machine. No Microwavable Popcorn though...
Make about 10 Cups worth.. 

Step 3: Taking Out the Seeds!

As we all know, It always ends up with unpopped kernels sitting on the bottom of the bowl, Since the sauce will cover the popcorn, You could crack a tooth on a hidden kernel. 
So the best way is. slowly scoop all your popcorn into a different bowl. Until you reach close to the bottom... and pick out the unpicked ones.   

Step 4: Time to Heat It Up!

Pour your Honey, Butter, and cream of tartar into a LARGE pot...( I can't stress Large enough.)
and turn it on medium. Stir randomly.
if you have a candy thermometer. slowly heat it until 240.
Or just slowly bring it to a simmer and let simmer 13 minutes.   
Mine always stays a nice light buttery color until almost the end.

Step 5: Flavors!

Now is the time to add your baking soda and Vanilla.  Do it quick and stir...   
It will Bubble and rise up extremely high..    My Pot was not big enough.... 
So to avoid getting it into my burner, I held it over the Popcorn
But usually you stir until it stops bubbling like mad..  

As it bubbles it changes from the light buttery color to the carmel color.  

Step 6: Stir Crazy

Now Pour it over the popcorn. pour a bit then stir using a large Spoon.
Don't use your hands.! it's still fairly hot and is very sticky so it will Burn
keep adding until all the sauce is used.    
Now you can put it into containers to store it or eat it.

I chose to eat it...