Solar Camping Generator




Introduction: Solar Camping Generator

I built this solar generator for camping. it will provide a low wattage for a long time. small loads, 12 volt devices, and charging usb devices.

Step 1: Parts

all 3d printed parts (optional)

solar charge controller

solar panel

inverter, similar model

battery meter

12v battery x2

usb outlets

lighter outlet x2

2x 1/4 20 or m10 bolts with nuts, around 3" long

i designed the case on

i got the inverter from target in the clearance bin. they no longer sell the model i used.

the solar panel was in the truck section of cabelas sporting goods.

Step 2: Wiring

The batteries are wired in parallel. the outputs go directly to the lighter outlets. they also go to the inverter but the positive goes through a switch. The power meter is hooked to the batteries through a pushbutton, so that it only goes on when you need to check the voltage and therefore it wont drain the batteries.

the AC outlet is wired to the inverter outlet to make it panel mountable. the usb outlets are also powered by the inverter it has an internal usb outlet.

for power we will only need the left and right pins shown in the photo.

for the charge controller the wiring is diagrammed on the front of the unit. remove the cover and it will fit on the board mounts and the 3 led holes in the cover.

Step 3: Completed

i ran a soldering iron along the seams to weld the case closed.

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