Introduction: Solar Car Charger in Dashboard

In this tutorial i show you how to install a solar panel in your car like it's made in a house.

With this you always have your battery full, this increase your fuel mileage and prevents to your battery drains when you dont use the car.

And even you can use the extra energy of the panel to put fans or some stuff in your car.

The Solar Panel is rated 9 watts and is monocrystalline

If you prefer you can see the Videotutorial

Sorry about my english, im from europe.

Step 1: Materials

You need a Solar Panel, Cable, and a Charge Controller , i use a MPPT because its more efficient, but also more expensive

Step 2: Pass the Cables

From the top of the dashboard to the glovebox and finally to the car lighter, or direct to the battery if you can do it this easily

In the dashboard the panel receives sun fine

Step 3: Hide the Expensive Stuff From Thieves

I paint the panel border and the solders to hide it better

Step 4: Connect All

in the charge controller appear drawings of how connect each wire

(Solar Panel + - // Battery + - // Use Energy + -)

You can see if works with the controller lights or a voltmeter.

The panel makes 17,9v in a cloudy day, and the controller send 12,4v to the battery to charge correctly.

Step 5: Rectification Diode

This make the energy goes in only one direction, and protect the panel if you put more panels.

(Correct direction: From panel to outside in the positive cable)

Step 6: Secures the Panel

This prevents it from moving or fall during driving

Now the battery does not go empty even if you do not use the car.

With the battery full, your car consumption is lower, and your alternator doesn't work so much.

And you can connect what you want to the 12v port of the controller.

For example a fan to sleep inside the car, lights or even a TV.

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