Introduction: Solar Cell Power Source

Hello! This is my first instructables. First of all, sorry for my bad English.

Solar cell usage is widely used by people today. Many websites provide how to make a power source from solar cell, instrructables is one of it. And here, I'd like to share how to make solar cell power supply by which detachable to our window vent. Because I come from Indonesia, many house install window vent (photo attached) to provide a good ventilation inside its room.

Step 1: Prepare What's Needed

Next, let's prepare things what we need.

  • Mini Solar cell (one cell provides 3-4 volts)
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Aligator Clips
  • Soldering wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wires
  • Something which can be use as the base of solar cell. I use flash disk card cover.
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering iron

Step 2: Attach the Cells to the Base & Connect the Cells in Series

We need a base where we can attach the cells. I use flashdisk card cover.

  1. Arrange 4 cells in square form, connect the cells in series by soldering the path just like in the photo above..
  2. Apply hot glue and attach the base to the cells.

Step 3: Attach the NdFeB Magnet to the Base

I attached NdFeB to the base so our cells can be applied even on vertical surface. We need to prepare 2 magnets here. One magnet is attached to the base, and another attached to another layer of window vent. Need to wait until the glue is hardened.

Step 4: Install Our Cells to the Window Vent

Our job is done here. Next, let's install the cells by using another magnet. And we get our 15,5 volts which can be used for our own purposes.