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Decorating your home for the holidays is very personal and at times can be very expensive!
Today I will show you a project that will allow you to spend your $$$ on the many other things that go along with the holidays, while enjoying the benefits of "electricity & additional cost free" lighting for many seasons to come!

Degree of difficulty Easy

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

  1. Garland
  2. Solar String (We used these lights here)
  3. Twist Ties
  4. Mounting Tape/Hooks
  5. Decorations

Step 2: Place Garland in Suitable Spot

Put garland up in desired location Ensure your solar panel can reach the window. Make sure the window is a sunny window during the day.

Step 3: Assemble Decor

Take whatever decorations you have and that can be hung from the garland. The decorations can't be too heavy and must be able to tie easily to the garland.

Step 4: Bunch Decorations Together

Make little clusters of decorations to really help make everything pop!

Step 5: Spread the Decorations

Now spread the decorations evenly among the Christmas garland.

Step 6: Mount Solar Panel

Mount Solar Panel in a sunny window.

Make sure you clean the window very thoroughly.

Check back every so often to ensure the solar panel is still getting good direct sunlight.

You need to take the thin film covering the solar panel off as it will decrease the amount of sunlight absorbed!

Step 7: Enjoy

Time to enjoy!

Every night as the sun sets these beautiful lights will come on automatically. And bonus is they don’t increase your electricity bill! So you can have a wonderful Christmas and not stress as much about money issues.

Step 8: Another Shot at Night

Step 9: Accent Picture

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