Solar Jerk Tenderloin

Introduction: Solar Jerk Tenderloin

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Click here for the video if the window is absent.

This is a very simple recipe that was very well suited for my portable fresnel lens solar oven; and the taste was amazing! I don't have tons of experience preparing food with solar ovens; but their particularities means that you can't throw any chunk of meat in there and expect another "Michelin Star". The temperature is harder to control and generally lower than in an oven or barbecue. To ensure success you consider two points. Think bite-size: roasts would take too long to cook (depending on your solar setup). Don't expect to be grilling: I wouldn't put a 20$ steak in there (although the browning is very appetizing in a couple spots).

As for the solar oven, if you don't already have one (what the hell are you waiting for?!) then you can make one fairly easily. There area few good instructables based either on reflective or lens based solar ovens; including mine.

The recipe is very straightforward, chop the meat, add some peppers, onion and seasoning. Place the pot under the brightest spot, stir occasionally till the meat is cooked through (75 minutes in my case). You can watch me prepare it in the video above.

If you are looking to make your own jerk seasoning you can check out this or this.

Please let me know if you have tried this, and leave a comment if you have made any improvements.

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