Introduction: Solar Oven Christian Style

About: Dr. Deming says build a theory, test it. Display results. Measure. Let's try that. God bless John

Hi, are somewhat off grid at times in Asia
So here is how you can put your prayers and hands to good work and teach children about God's free gifts... Sun, food and full tummies.

Let's look.
God bless your plans and pray to help show you best way for where you are!


Step 1: Step 4. Add Reflectors to Reflector Box. Tricky!!!

Okay there are struggles so look out. This step simple but can be tricky. Pray for patience.
1. Key is line inside with reflective tin foil
2.we had none but found foil trays..chopped those up.
3. We recycled biscuit wrapping as the wall first layerand glued them flat on key parts.
A. Back wall, that faces the sun
B sides
4.we then put the chopped tins, that formed a lovely cross shape... Heh angels might help it cook... And stapled this in mosaic pattern on back wall and all around.
5. Corners we stapled in.
6. Any gaps we filled in with any fool scraps.
7.big stapler ,open up, push hard, punches through layers, and on outside bent Staples over. To hold.
8..if you have foil just easy. Layer it on. Shinny side facing.
9. Some put reflectors, but we didn't add more.
10. As in Asia sun overhead, so block,if use flaps no need. But have to cook 10am to 3pm...or sun gone.
11.alsowe used an packable ice chiller bag , supermarkets selling, ice bag reflector for small tin. Works fine. That's the blue one. Test it out

Step 2: Size Cardboard Box to Fit Cookie Tin and Prepare Box

Using your cookie tins find boxes
Theory. Cardboard box just big and tall to fit tin inside, yet will reflect most light yet keep wind out.
1. that are a bit taller than tin
2. Have room around to put tin foil
And still have a gap
3. Big enough to give wind shelter to tin,but not too roomy that huge gap. We guessed for this about 3 inches each side.
4. Small enough to then git box and ton inside the 3rd bigger oven box

Step 3: Prep Cardboard Box, the Reflector

Okay this takes some time but easy. Pray over this step God shows you.that helped
1. Put tin inside to ensure Gap ok and box is tall enough
2. Cut 4inch at front on slant from back corners... That let's more of God's sun cook your food for free. See photo. Want keep heat in yet get sun in
3. Paint inside of box reflector black...just the base. That keeps heat absorbing.
Then check everything fits

Step 4: Step1. Lol.Pick Your Food Tin Size. Vegan Smaller.

Let us what are you going to cook?
1. We are vegan plant based, so rice and veggies. Genesis 1.29 says plants are God's Eden..yummy
2. Need a bigger tin if cooking meats chicken. Go plant
3. We got two cookie tins with lids
4. Painted outside black.
5. Don't paint inside, as this is your food container.
6. Used acrylic kids black paint. Flat big brush faster.
7. Paint in newspaper, put in God's glorious sun to dry fast

Step 5: Test It. Tin and Reflector Box.

We thought that should work.
1. Praise God it did
2a. Remember put rocks or steel pan in bottom, of reflector box, so food tin can sit on those.. it's going to get real hot.
2. Blew lid of our pumpkin cooker, using blue soft bag, after 10 sun
3. 20 min later rice square tin blew lid off. Lol
4. But bit windy and shown ..make an oven feature to keep all that heating.. so next step

Step 6: Added Bigger Third "OVEN" Box and Put First Two Inside. Wow. Super Hot

Okay after theory above worked, but wasn't an true oven we decided next theory. Make a big I've to keep heat in
1. We hunted house for one big box to fit both in
2. Didn't have to paint or cut it.
3. Just so can fit all flectors and tins of food inside.
4. Using safety Google's, and oven mitts, the tins were 150C , we lifted the reflectors box's withtinsstill inside and put inside this new oven.
5. Covered with plastic bubble wrap. Amen.
6. In 5 minutes this was super warm, hot, and stopped all the brezze taking heat away.
7. God is good. Free sun means free hot food.

Step 7: Oven Box Didn't Seems to Cook As Fast

We test and trials are good for us God says
1. The oven box in step6 didn't really heat up the food.
2. So we took plastic wrap off top.
Let's see how that works.
3. Pumpkin was about 40% cooked. Rice 10% using plasticbubble wrap over third box.
4. Now we took it off. Allow direct sun on tin and reflectors. My daughter said nshould make it hotter
5. Bang, lid just blew off the tins.

Step 8: